How far will they go?

I’ve been forced to stay up later than normal. My wife went to bed very late, and I have to wait for her to fall asleep before I retire for the night.

Now this might not make sense to some readers, but the older married people amongst you might understand. If I go to bed and my wife is still awake, she will inevitably start prattling on about what work task is on her mind, or whatever has recently annoyed her. The topic will be the thing we have already covered earlier on in the day, yet the chat can go on for an hour or more. Actually, when I say conversation and chat what I really mean is my wife chats and I listen. I will occasionally get to interject with a “will you stop talking and go to sleep”, which will progress to “please will you stop talking”, and finally on to “for the love of god please shut up” – all of which will be ignored.

The next morning my wife will wake up extra grumpy, complaining she didn’t get enough sleep, and that it was my fault.  Or maybe that is just my situation.

Anyway, I digress. During my unexpected awake time, I’ve been pondering just how far will CCP go with these Circadian Sleepers and Drifters? Will they leave them as a somewhat benign NPC we end up ignoring, or will they really shake up the game environment? Will their wormholes become usable for us? Will they impact the effectiveness of Concord and Faction Police? Will they change the nature of some of the systems they are within?

I am hoping it is something we don’t expect, and forces change upon us. I am hoping it gives us some “Oh wow” moments.

Speaking of change, during the last o7 EVE show CCP indicated they should be releasing a couple DEV blogs this week, the second outlining their plans for the future of Null Sec Sov and asking for feedback. They alluded to it being a big shake up. I hope it is really interesting and a challenge.

Continue being brave CCP.

Ok, my wife should be asleep by now, time for me to go to bed.

6 thoughts on “How far will they go?

  1. As a older, married, eve player (with 2 kids even!) I definitely know where you are coming from regards your wife! A solution that works for me:
    1. Listen to her for a while. Offer sympathy and support but not solutions, she doesn’t ever ever ever want solutions. When I say listen to her that means not tuning her out and thinking about Eve!
    2. If/when you get the chance then shift the conversation to your list of mundane activities you need to do in Eve. Something like “I will need to get some more helium isotopes in to make POS fuel, I think I have enough ozone and heavy water but I better check, oh I gotta get the excess PI and loot out so will need a good HS route in the next few days, had a C2 4 jumps from Amarr yesterday but there was too much activity after I ganked their Gila in that site… I have just about all the minerals I need for the second Orca …just need to mine some more Veld and Plag… been thinking of getting a Stratios now the Proteus is being nerfed…”. She will not understand any of this, will look at me strangely, and go to sleep, no doubt while questioning her own sanity in her choice of mate.
    3. If (2) fails then lying on the bed listening to a Cap Stable CSM interview or two on my tablet is quite soporific.

    As someone who has been playing Eve the “wrong way” since 2009 I enjoy your blog – the idea that you can have fun being a solo, asocial, married player with limited play time is seldom discussed or even welcome in wider the Eve media. Keep up the good work!

    • Good idea raising EVE. Unfortunately my wife is extremely well versed in ignoring me, so it won’t stop her rabbiting on. I do have an old iPod – I could try inconspicuously putting in earbuds and drowning out her voice. I suspect however once she realises what I am doing, she will hit me, and then just start from the beginning..

      Thanks for your comments on the blog. I suspect there are more of us out there than we realise.

  2. (1) I now start at “for the love of god please shut up” … then I go play EVE.

    (2) I hope I had a very very small part to play in… Too Much Talk Talk, Not Enough OMFG… CCP ‘did’ sorta start leaving out ‘stuff’ from blogs, forums and discussions etc. not long after that… just sayin… =]

    But either way, DAMN aint it nice having some mystery in our mysterious verse again!!

    My hope is the story will develop into more interactive PvE and… wouldn’t it be interesting if next year, or the one after Goons finally built one of those new Player Built Stargates… and the Trolls of EVE publicly announced that ANYONE, hisec to null, -10 ganker to +10 carebear could use it, free of ANY interference of any kind and that they would even ‘guarantee’ safe passage to ‘everyone’… but to pay for this service, they set a very reasonable ‘toll’ for say, 100m ISK ‘per transit’…

    only to find the Drifters had opened wormholes to the new space, for free, all over New Eden? =]

    • I agree – I like the added mystery. I wouldn’t mind seeing the systems containing these unknown sites to be directly impacted. Become a different sort of space. Most seem to be just off the beaten path, or can be circled around. I was thinking it might be the excuse Concord gives to allow player capitals to move through Hi-Sec – so they can combat the Drifters in those systems. I’d like a reason to undock my carriers, or to get a couple Dreads. I also particularly like the idea that those wormholes will end up being useable. Whatever happens, it has been nice having aspects of the game delivered in this way.

  3. Well I for one, have never actually seen the wormhole by which the Sansha invade a constellation. But from the early point in the Drifter development their introduction into New Eden has been small steps. My own hope is that it might eventually be possible to interact with them and be able to obtain some of their technology.

    • I wonder how they will balance the weapon systems… 🙂 You could be right, this might just be the early steps towards players being able to build their own gates. I do hope it is more than that though.

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