Command Nodes

This is just a quick comment. As most of you will likely know, CCP have released their first clear overview of the next iteration of null sec ownership mechanics. They are roughly scheduled to go live in June.

I just wanted to note down my very first thoughts, before they become muddied by the flood of commentary that will follow.

. It doesn’t seem to be particularly brave or unexpected

. Undefended space will be relatively easy to take over

. I like how the process will require multiple fleets spread across a constellation

. I like how constellation topography will help or hinder

. It makes active and somewhat skilled pilots more valuable

. Defenders who use their space will have notable benefits in repelling attacks

. For small to medium sized groups fighting each other there could be a real focus on the skills of multiple fleet commanders and individual pilots

. It seems for the current super alliances they could just flood every system in a constellation with 100+ pilots and stomp all over small to medium sized groups

. I don’t see how it is going to shake up the current super powers. Yes coalitions can more easily trigger large numbers of capture events across a while area, which a Super Alliance couldn’t fully defend against. But the Super Alliances can do the same in return, and will more readily re-claim any lost space or take more. The only thing stopping them taking more would be the nerfs to power projection

. Will Titian and Super-carriers be changed now going forward as there won’t be the traditional Sov HP structure grinds?

Overall I don’t mind this sort of thing – even ignoring the fact it doesn’t make much sense in a real life scenario. While I know I am not qualified to have much of an opinion, I don’t initially see how this will actually shake up the current powers.

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