As luck would have it

The 12 month subscription on one of my accounts expires in a week, so I grabbed 12 months of game time and picked up the three Fanfest Quafe ship skins.


I might have missed the fine print, but you only get the Tristan with a 3 month game time package, Tristan and Vexor with the 6 month, or all three with the 12 month.

The fact I collected these skins however was simply down to fortuitous timing – my account was about to expire, and I always get 12 month blocks due to the savings. I would not have bothered otherwise.

I haven’t been able to play EVE over the last couple weeks – and have gone days between each short log-in. I thought – in complete exhaustion, I had reached the peak of the busyness mountain and would be seeing some relief. However the clouds parted, and in ways I can’t comprehend, the mountain keeps raising above me.

I am reading about people’s preparations and excitement for Fanfest. I feel proper jealousy. Normally my discomfort for travel or social events overwhelms any such feelings, but this year I could do with just leaving my normal life behind for a week and concentrating on something else for a change.

I am finding the more thought out feedback on the new Sov system to be interesting. It appears too easy to grief at the moment. I am also quite intrigued about what plans CCP have for capitals.

I don’t have much to report in game. I am still turning over the BPO research. My Main Alt finishes Small blaster Specialization V in 19 hours, which will give him a swag of V certifications in ship hulls. My Main, after picking up Amarr Tactical Destroyer V, is working on getting almost all the T3 skills also to rank V.

3 thoughts on “As luck would have it

  1. Great timing. I was at the subs window this morning checking out that ship skins offer. I think you’ve tipped the balance for me.

    Excellent, I just needed a little push to persuade me.


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