Let there be luxury

If you haven’t already noticed, the Victorieux Luxury Yacht BPC is available in the redeeming system. The manufactured hull is selling at close to 180M ISK at the moment in Domain. Given the hull has a level of usefulness it will be interesting to see where the final price settles.  I assume it will drop a fair bit lower than that, but over time it might appreciate like the Leopard has.

(Thinking of some of the other special give away hulls that have use, the Gnosis (made available in greater numbers) currently sells for around 70M ISK, and the Leopard Shuttle for 100M ISK.)

Continuing my review of the Fanfest summary, the next item of interest were ship skins. It is possible the average Solo player would get more out of these – assuming they have a tendency to spend less time chatting in game, allowing more time to stare at the ships they are flying.

I’ve remarked before that I liked the idea of such customisation, but that I wasn’t really a fan of how they were implemented. Primarily I thought they made the market place unnecessarily complicated.


I am glad the direction of the new skins is to remove that permanent tie to the ship. It will make things less complicated. I am pleased the new system should be easier for CCP to add too – and note there will be about 4 times the number of skins available upon release as are currently in the store. I like the idea of skin licenses possibly being owned by Corporations, and maybe structures being able to be skinned. That is all good – and I can even suspend belief about how they can be turned on and off on the fly.

There is however a “but”. I don’t really like how they won’t be destructible once applied to a character.

Thinking about it, I would have preferred the complication of having an extra “skin” slot on each ship – like the rig, or high / medium / low slots. The skin can be applied or removed like a module. When you repackage the hull for sale the skin will drop like modules do. That way you can swap skins around, but you will always risk them when you undock.

It appears however CCP have their approach chosen, and I will still use it as they outlined.  Looking though my assets I found I only had a single skinned ship – a Rorqual ORE Development Edition. While I purchased multiple skins earlier on, they fell victim to my asset consolidation. (I sold them off because frankly they were hulls I did not use.) Aside the Rorqual I also have the three Fanfest Quafe skins. I looked at the New Eden Store for skins I liked and might possibly fly the hulls for, and purchased the Nugoeihuvi Caracal and Krusual Stabber.  I am guessing that once these become permanent assets that the costs might increase on them.

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