This is where I spent last weekend – out hunting for a feed of ducks with my father on the opening of the season.

There are groups viciously opposed to hunting. I use that word deliberately. As each year passes they show their disapproval in more illegal, dangerous and immoral ways. While I would certainly not wish to smear all of those against hunting, there is certainly an element – champions for an enlightened society, which comfortably embrace the notion that the end justifies any means.

I expect, one way or another, they will get their way.

I hope my own children, if they have an interest, get the chance to experience hunting with me. I would like to be able to teach them about the long family tradition, the practicalities of being safe in nature and the appreciation of it and their quarry, the satisfaction of cooking and eating food you have gathered for yourself through effort and skill, and the huge responsibility that comes with being a hunter.

I was stalking this lagoon on the second morning. I took the photo while catching my breath and grabbing a drink after a long walk. I had been more focused on not standing on one of the numerous Red-Belly Black Snakes in the area than sneaking up on any ducks. With Sulphur-crested cockatoos making a racket above my head, and Kangaroos moving around me, I had one of those rare moments of peace.

I’m not sure if I have remarked on it here before, but I’ve described my life at the moment as furiously treading water. It is better than drowning, but it doesn’t feel as if I am moving in any direction. It was good catching my breath on the weekend and coming away a little mentally rejuvenated for it. You might have seen the consequences in my flurry of EVE posts.

5 thoughts on “Feeding

  1. It’s a shame that activities like these may be lost to the ages, while mass food factories “process” the very steaks these activists eat.

    Enjoy yourself, relax and… Eat Well!

  2. Looks like a perfect spot to catch your breath and take some time to relax.

    I’ve never hunted and the short answer would be that I am against hunting.

    I can imagine hunting as either an exciting adventure or as the senseless slaughter of animals. When I think of hunting I think of people shooting animals for fun. This I am against.
    What I do not think of is teaching the next generation basic survival skills and appreciation of the nature that surrounds us or any of the other good and valid reasons to hunt.

    If hunting was the best way to teach these skills then I would certainly reconsider my standpoint against hunting. My point is, opponents of hunting have a completely different view of hunting as you and other proponents do. This makes having an intelligent argument about hunting more difficult.
    Same thing when I think of a hunter, I think of some beerdrinking redneck trashing and shooting everything. But when you think about it, a good hunter needs extensive knowledge of nature and will want to preserve that nature so he and others can keep hunting.

    Poachers give hunters a bad name and this is most likely the real problem.
    But all those people viciously against hunting taking illegal and dangerous actions? If only it was legal to hunt them instead…it’d be win-win. You get more interesting prey (but you can’t eat it), they distract hunters and prevent them from shooting animals 🙂

    Pft in a RL converstation I am pretty sure we would agree and see eye to eye about hunting. With a wall of text there is still so much room for misinterpretation.

    • I appreciate that you took the time to write down your thoughts. Even if people were completely informed and understood everything there was to know about hunting, many would still find the notion confronting. I accept that, and I understand some would feel passionate enough to protest and campaign for its abolishment. I would actually agree to a ban on hunting at any time it was scientifically proven to be unsustainable. It is also not a terrible thing to have people focus on getting the best behaviour out of hunters as possible. The problem in my view is the complete lack of respect people have for opinions different than their own. That is of course not something reserved just for the debate on hunting, it seems prevalent right across society.

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