Continuing my piecemeal and out of date review of Fanfest, I watched the “Welcome to Fanfest and the Future of VR” presentation tonight.


CCP CEO Hilmar Pétursson’s speech really struck a chord with me. What follows is a clumsy paraphrase of part of his speech:

“For all intents and purposes, we are always releasing. It has unblocked so many conversations and led to a lot faster product delivery. It has led to a current in the team that I haven’t seen for the longest time on making deep fundamental changes to EVE. The same thing is happening to Dust. CCP is now in the best state that it has ever been. With this release cadence we have unlocked the next phase of EVE development.”

CCP is doing a much better job of managing the development of EVE.

Historically you had to take Fanfest with a pinch of salt. You could feast upon the vision of CCP, but you had to accept there was no guarantee of delivery.

This year I felt a fundamental difference in how I viewed the announcements. The scepticism was replaced by a level of belief and confidence in CCP to be able to deliver.

Their turn around in the last 12 to 18 months is admirable.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Couldn’t agree more man. That the announced stuff is definitely revolutionary and definitely coming has me more hyped than any of the pipedream stuff they’ve shown in past years. The change in the vibe around (and coming from) CCP really is quite remarkable and those responsible deserve a tip of the hat.

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