At the end of the day

To finish off my review of the Day 1 Fanfest Summary…

I am pleased with the CSM 10 election results. Some new blood to freshen things up, a core of proven hard workers, and the likes of Sugar and Mike to ensure the voice of reason for all types of players is heard.

Sugar certainly deserved her permanent seat (and her day 1 Cosplay costume prize). It has been interesting following her blog and seeing her own personal development over the last year. I hope she finds strength in the clear and obvious support she has, and that it helps buffer her from the soup of negatively she has to wade through at times.

We should have two-factor authentication by the end of the month, although only if you use the launcher and not run the client directly. CCP seems to have been a little slow coming to that party – but then I realised very few accounts I have offer it, including my bank. I am looking forward to seeing the details.

CCP are reopening the submission process for Alliance logos. I think you have to have at least 100 members or more before you are allowed to submit a logo. Sadly I don’t feel my Hermit Alliance of one will ever quite reach the cut off.

Given I have already covered the new structures, the last thing of interest in the day one summary was CCP’s ability to now change the game world in a more dynamic way, and not always spelling out what they are doing.

I am pleased with how CCP have introduced the Drifters, which can be seen in this series of videos:

I like the concept of exploration – but if I happen to string a few sessions together I inevitable get burned out by it. It is the same thing repeated over and over. While there are different nebula and a wealth of landmarks to visit, the solo version of EVE can get very stagnant.

Having the environment change makes such a difference. I went and checked out the cloaked structures and the sleepers when they first appeared. I revisited the structures when they de-clocked. I was caught out by surprise when the Sleepers opened fire on me the first time and I had to scramble to warp away. I visited one of the wormhole sites, and looked at the damage being done to the observation towers as they started to be dismantled.

That makes the game world more interesting. It also means that state of some of the content is only available for a period of time before it changes again, and I like that concept of having to had to be there to see it, else the opportunity will be gone for good.

So far I have taken from Fanfest (which is quickly fading into oblivion for everyone else) some ship skins that have been put aside to become permanent, a rather cool cruiser sized shuttle, a good vibe about where CCP is with EVE development and the support they will get from the CSM, and an excitement about the way in-space-structures are heading and the arrival of a more dynamic and interactive backstory to the game. That all seems very positive.

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