Who are you, who am I?

The most recent addition to the EVE blogs I follow is Talvorian Dex at http://targetcaller.blogspot.com.

A couple weeks ago he posted an interesting article about what defines a player’s “main” character.


Sugar Kyle more recently posted a reply on her blog which I also found interesting.


While I will admit I do get kind of chuffed in a childlike manner when a space famous blogger mentions me, I was actually prompted to post because I thought there was a short and clear answer.

Who is your main character?

If from this point on you could only play one single character in EVE for evermore, which one would you pick? That is your main.

In my case I would pick my first and oldest character, the one with the most SP, the Jack of all trades which can do almost anything I want to set my mind to in game.

Done and dusted, as easy as that. But then I made the mistake of thinking about it more.

I don’t post under or refer to the name of my main character. Most of you don’t know me by that name. It is easy however to work out – you know I like the term Hermit, have an Alliance for just me and my alts, and that I’ve been playing for more than 8 years. Spend 60 seconds and you will have that name.

But that is all you will have –a name. You can work out my kill stats, where I am based out of, and what sort of corporation and alliances I have been a part of. But you pretty much know all that already and more. You know my motivations and how I play because I rabbit on about them here all the time.

I assume most of you think of me as EVEHermit – even though that was an unskilled ALT I had to trash when consolidating accounts.

I chat to a number of people in game who use different alts. I don’t think of them any differently just because the portrait has changed.

I feel foolish to say it, but in effect your main is you.

5 thoughts on “Who are you, who am I?

  1. Interesting you mention having an alliance for your alts. A step up from having a corp for your alts. Was thinking of an alliance for us hermits who solo to share an alliance chat, but don’t want to leave the benefit of having only our characters in the same corp. Is there a downside to an alliance of self corps being that there is no trust factor? Like revealing information that can be gleaned from the alliance screen?
    I liken us eve hermits as the gold prospectors who lived alone to pan or mine to get their riches.

    • There would be a risk you would be more likely to attract war declarations. I think the main risk however is having a bunch of solo corps join who are in fact working together – who then manipulate the declaration of Executor support and take the alliance away.

  2. Yes I did consider that combining many solo corps makes a wider target, and the isk cap on war costs isn’t that much to big corps/alliances, just for the lulz.

    Also – the star map shows # of alliance members in each k-space system. In this hermit alliance, everyone should be paranoid that there is at least one alliance awoxer online at any given time…

    On the alliance page, it would be wise to list known alliance exploits to find/kill you, join at your own risk, and have chat to announce that itty v you just popped full of high end processed gas. I like the irony of an alliance of people who generally want to be left alone, aside from when we have a point and a juicy target lol….

    Perhaps just a pub channel for those who prefer solo wh life? I’m coming back to EVE after a hiatus, w/3 accounts. Lots to learn, good to have alliance members all doing the same thing to pass on tips.

    There are the blogs. Kinda robs me of a screen to play eve, though…

    • Welcome back to the game!

      I believe you can only use the in game map to view where corporation mates are in space, not alliance. You should be safe in that regard. Since corps in an alliance have no special allowances to shoot at other corps in the alliance, you should also be fairly safe from an awoxer assuming you are not too free with information.

      There is a Corporation based in Thera which focuses on solo tending explorers as its member base. There are details here: http://www.eve-scout.com/signal-cartel/. They have an in game channel they use – EvE-Scout. It might be worth your while to acquaint yourself with what they are doing if you are coming back to the game and wouldn’t mind being able to tap into a community with a mindset like yourselves.

      • Thanks! Well the problem joining a corp is…. Roles. Not being able to set up your own POS and all your alts having access to the POS modules. With an alliance, I can do it solo without commitments.

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