I did something unusual today – I played EVE for more than half the day. Well – played is a subjective description. I spent a great deal of time looking at my BPO library.

I am coming up to the last month or so of the project to ensure all my BPO are researched appropriately. I can’t remember when I started this process, before Christmas I guess. Today I cross checked what BPO I had against what you can purchase on the market. I found I am missing 336, give or take.

I don’t want more than half of those – such as the Titans, Outpost Components, and the Advanced Capital Ship Components used in T2 Freighters. There are however bits and bobs I will grab, the largest group being the Capital Rig BPO. I also missed a few of the newer BPO, such as some of the Mobile deployable structures and the Scan arrays.

The effort has triggered more in game work – the selling off of the excess BPO I don’t need, primarily duplicates, and a lot of time spent undocked flying around collecting the missing BPO that I want to add to my collection.

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