Bend over

EVE News24 published a two part story on the Brave Alliance Coup attempt and their expulsion from Catch.

I don’t know if it is 10% or 90% accurate, but it is a great read. How many other games out there are able to generate stories like that?

I’ve seen a number of BRAVE members be disparaging about their capitulation to PL in Catch. I am not sure why they were feeling like that.

BRAVE is an Alliance filled with low SP, low wealth new players. PL is made up of high SP, wealthy and accomplished old players. PL comprehensively outweighed and outclassed BRAVE.

PL did not however just steamroll BRAVE, they did something worse. They in effect gave them an ultimatum. “Make yourselves available for a complete rodgering any time we feel like it. Don’t just bend over – make sure you make each romantic encounter titillating for us. Otherwise we kick you out of Catch.”

BRAVE consented – I presume in the name of content for their pilots, but that sort of relationship is simply not healthy.

I was surprised that PL kept at them for long. It no longer seemed like it was “just for fun”, and had crossed over into either purposeful or sadistic. I think it was impressive that BRAVE put up with it for so long. Many other Alliances would have collapsed well before.

Respect goes to BRAVE, although not to their opponents.

6 thoughts on “Bend over

  1. Perhaps PL is very aware that 15k low skill pilots in 6 months to a year could give them all sorts of problems and are actively trying to destroy/demotivate/subvert/absorb them. For my part, I hope they hold it together…. and give their bullying older sibling a serious arse kicking when they grow up just a little bit more.

    By the way, stabbed up is doing some very good posts to compliment the move:

  2. There’s definitely something of a competition emerging for newbros which will be a more significant strategic force under the new sov mechanics than under the current ones. I don’t think it’s all cynicism and metagaming though.

    I’m a veteran FC who recently joined BRAVE and I guess I’m fairly representative of the veterans whose gameplay has been re-invigorated by playing with beginner players. I did an op two days ago where I trained a new scout. He started off rather nervous, I gave him quite specific commands, then when it was safe to, explained the reasoning for doing things a certain way. At the end of the op I needed to position him very specifically and it was something of a white knuckle manoeuvre where I needed him exactly in the right place watching all of grid, D scan 5 AU and Local. He seemed to really enjoy himself, especially when I had the whole fleet key up to thank him and I had great fun training him. He did a superb job, better in fact than many veterans would have done.

    It’s been the same, I’m told, in Goons and PL. Grizzled bored vets are logging in, even resubbing, to play with enthusiastic newbros. The development of all these newbie friendly opportunities is really good for the game.

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