I was disappointed to see how expensive the permanent ship skins are. While I loved the back story CCP used to introduce their latest iteration, in game they are completely cosmetic with no impact, and barely anyone will be zoomed in close enough to notice them. I would have hoped you could get 5 to 10 for a PLEX, not 1 or 2.

Regardless – I still support CCP’s endeavors, so when I purchased some PLEX to be donated to PLEX for Good, I grabbed some extra AUR as well.

In hindsight, while there might be 100 skins to choose from, they were mostly for hulls I never use (T1). I ended up with an Exequror and an Orca skin. That was my small effort to encourage CCP to continue with their skinning path.


I’ve upgraded to Dual 4K screens, and am now running my EVE clients in 3000×1800 windows. It looks glorious. It is a nice upgrade for EFT as well, being able to have so many ships open at the same time.

I was updating my overview to make use of the extra space and warped a Noctis into an Asteroid belt so that I could quickly lock up 10 targets, just to check their position on screen. I soon realised I was not alone – with two Drifter Battleships floating around near me. I hastily warped out – landing on the station to find a bunch of Circadian Seeker wrecks. Cool CPP, cool.

I grabbed one of the Entosis Link BPO’s, and am researching it at the moment. I hadn’t realised it in effect projects yourself into a structure. That kind of explains why you can’t just disrupt the connection.


A full sized screen capture of the new EVE client resolution I am now working with.  I’ve been staring more at my ships of late.

3 thoughts on “Coats

  1. They are shockingly priced but isn’t all eve merch? Rich people living on an affluent island I suppose. It’s one more thing people who aren’t sure about the game will avoid, which is not only a shame but seems self-defeating.

    • Samsung model U28D590D. It is one of the cheaper 4K monitors, but a mate has had a pair for a while and has been happy with them. I’ve seen them on special for $499 once, but I paid $569. They are a little lightweight, but you don’t notice that once in place. I am pleased with the sharpness of them. If you do get one, ensure your graphics card has a display port, or can support two HDMI cables (to ensure you get a 60Hz refresh rate).

      Expect to find a fair few quirks with 4K resolutions though. I’ve noticed EVEMon isn’t showing tool tips or pop ups from the notification bar any more, and various applications have stopped remembering their screen positioning on restarts. I expect they were not coded to allow for a resolution of in effect 7680×2160. The Windows 8 up-scaling is reasonably good, but it doesn’t work with all applications. I’m just looking at what settings I can use with remote desktop to make it easier on the eye for example. You also need to turn off the up-scaling on programs like EVE. Lots of tweaking required.

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