My home is my Citadel

CCP has released a little more information on their new structure direction.

The first ones they are working on are Citadel class structures, which are Market and Office Hubs. The choice sounds a little strange at first, but their focus is on asset safety, protection, and a feeling of home. They are fortified bunkers equipped with weapons.

Within the Citadel group, they will begin with Medium (Solo / small groups) and Large (Corporation / Small alliances) versions first. They suggest what sort of armaments will be able to be fitted, and remark on what will be useable in Hi-Sec, and what won’t.

It is certainly an interesting concept, and I am guardedly enthused.

7 thoughts on “My home is my Citadel

  1. The new weapons, AEO’s etc., and ability to use drones from a ‘pos/outpost’ Citadel does interest me greatly…

    This does not… invulnerability link (search for the term in the Dev Blog…)

    “Most if not all of those structures will have a replacement for the current Starbase forcefield with the use of the invulnerability link (final name to be discussed), which will ensure safety for friendly ships within a specific radius. This will not cause your ship to stay in space when logging off.”

    Please understand the following is from a wormholers point of view… which granted can be kinda narrow and sidewaysish. =P

    The removal of the Forcefield gives me eternal sadface… and I really really do not like the idea of anykinda ‘Invulnerability Link or Module’ to replace it no matter what they end up calling it… The FF did not give us Invulnerability… it gave us a 30km space inside which we could not be messed with ‘until’ you did the work to take down the FF… I assume this will be affected by ‘tosing the structure (with an E-link, Entosis) but it will be weird to have no ‘reason’ why you can screw with a ship that is right there in front of you… but inside the FF it made sense… there was a FF between you.

    Further down is states… “Structures will drop fitted modules through the same loot mechanic than ships, but corporate and personal stored items inside them will not be affected – this will be handled through asset safety mechanic which we quickly explained in the previous Dev Blog and shall be more extensively tackled in a later blog.”

    Why? Oh I am sure there would be epic whining and gnashing of teeth at the potential to lose their precious stuff… and many who will ONLY live in Invulnerable Stations and Invulnerable Outposts will opt out of any gameplay that puts their ‘precious’ at risk… but I ask you this… CCP has said, many times that they eventually want ALL structures in EVE to be destructible… all.

    “Risk is REAL” in EVE because “Loss is Real” in EVE are, IMHO, the cornerstones of the foundation of WHY EVE is the game it is and not just another MMO. Change those and we lose what EVE is.

    And IMHO bowing to the ‘my stuff has to be eternally safe or I won’t play’ crowd will get definitely CCP more subs… but so would ‘PvP Free Zones’ and an ‘opt out’ button for PvP and hell, tabbards or even… hats (FFS)… but is that EVE? is it the game we play? is it the game we want?

    I give this warning to CCP… Pander to the masses and you will get rich… and you will also end up with the ‘masses’ driving gameplay and mechanics and that leads inexorably to WoW-in-Space…

    just sayin… =\

    • correction: “…it will be weird to have no ‘reason’ why you CAN’T screw with a ship that is right there in front of you…” sheesh

    • I understand that in the long run these new destructible structures will replace the current player stations – so I expect that is why they are incorporating the concept of asset protection. I feel they have to do something like that because there are groups in the game which can basically destroy almost everyone else’s structures with impunity. They also have to give some semblance of asset safety for players who might depart the game for a few months at a time. I accept if they do that for what will replace POS, that they are in effect making the game a little safer (depending on how long the assets stay protected). I wondered about that. I remembered that they wanted to strongly encourage players to use these new structures, and asset protection was part of that. They might also think it will encourage more people to spend time in dangerous space. You might end up with more people willing to be in wormhole space, and more targets to interact with.

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