I played around with probing using the new map the other week.  It looks nice and works reasonably well in window mode on a large resolution screen.  It was good to be able to see what was going on around you in space while scanning.  I did not like how it kept zooming out whenever I double clicked on a item to centre the map.  I haven’t checked if that behaviour has changed since.

One of the hits was a combat site whose initial rooms were all empty.  I ran through them to check if there was some trigger object left in the final room which needed to be popped to allow it to de-spawn.  To my surprise I found the faction spawn which netted me 55M ISK.  I presume a newer player had run the site but not been able to clear the final room.

Another of the sites I found during my testing was a Wormhole to Thera, which is the first one I have come across.  Nice that they are labelled that way.  I didn’t visit however as I had expensive implants in.

Finally today I pulled down my POS, which was relatively painless.  I have a few BPO which still need research, but I can just use NPC stations for that.  I am going 3 or 4 days between logging in at the moment, and am unlikely to have noticed if anyone had declared war on the alliance.  It will be the primary issue with the new structures as well – I just can’t log in regularly at the moment.

If just to reinforce how little spare time I have for myself, I just noticed my backlog of EVE blog posts to read is just about to reach 1,700.  I am just going to have to delete everything older than 3 months.

2 thoughts on “Scooped

  1. Happy to give you a hand researching the BPOs mate, my POS is still standing at the moment. As you mentioned though NPC stations are available much more readily now.

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