Raided to death

This week I got a series of emails from a work colleague as he wrestled with a catastrophic failure of a RAID array. Like me he has two decades of experience with backups and disaster recovery, but I didn’t like his chances of salvaging anything. The tone of his correspondence became more despondent until he was forced to admit defeat. I asked what he had lost, and was told his only complete collection of family digital photos.

I’m not sure about you, but the thought of that was quite confronting.

While I have a regimented backup regime at home across 3 different devices, they are in the one location and at risk from damage or theft. I spent the time I would normally be playing EVE this weekend procuring somewhat robust USB keys, and copying the family photos, videos and music collection to them. I will leave them with my parents the next time I visit, and update them once or twice a year. I’ll have four backups now.


While RAID technology is a given in the business environments I support, I never use it at home. For the last 20 years I’ve seen it fail more often and more ruinously than just straight configured drives. Don’t even get me started on the privacy and reliability of Cloud services!

I have still been playing EVE – although as mentioned not so much this weekend. My loot container value is now up to 650M, which means I’ve earnt 100M a week since I last looked at its value at the end of May. All I am doing is logging in every day or two, poking my nose out of my home station, and probing down and running sites that happen to be there. If there is nothing I’ve gone and done some mining. It still amazes me how much you can amass over time with relatively little effort, just by clicking on that undock button.

CCP’s recent Drifter summary blog was worth a read:

Mark726 from EVE Travel did a great post about the complexes now available within the Drifter wormholes, which is also worth a read.

It seems to be outside the capability of me to explore this solo – even using an Alt. I continue to enjoy this NPC arc in the game anyway.

I have found one quibble with the new icons. I find it difficult to work out what I have locked and what I haven’t in the overview. That is probably more a consequence of non-scaling the client on a 28” 4K screen than the design, but I am hoping the changes they are looking at for the 90% UI scaling players helps me too.

As Splatus ( points out, winning at EVE can just be finding an acceptable level of activity that fits in with real life.