I’ve started half a dozen blog posts recently but not been able to finish any of them. What seem to be simple ideas have morphed into complex novelettes that I can’t seem to wrestle into cohesiveness. The closest to being finished is one directed towards newer players, about where they can find EVE Ship Fitting examples. Hopefully I will get that done sooner rather than later.

In a follow up to my last post, the work colleague I mentioned has managed to resurrect his RAID array. After being quoted $2,500 by a specialist to try and fix it, he ended up using a borrowed device to perform low level disk clones, and managed to get the array to rebuild. Impressed with his tenacity I asked how many extra backups he had made of his photos. “None”, was his answer.

Over the last few days I have read a lot of EVE blogs, forum threads and news articles, trying to catch up a little on my reading. I’ve been thinking the EVE community seems to be back into its collective malaise – and that was reinforced by looking at page after page of angst, gloom and self-righteous indignation. There were some courageous efforts by the reasonable and rational, but they haven’t been able to drown out the vibe. I wonder if this is in part due to the constant change in EVE?

Speaking of change, my boss has left; leaving behind the battered remnants of the team and service he tried and ultimately failed to build over the last 7 years. The company and its sales force have given little focus on the team for a while now, and with customers going into receivership or being taken over, the death knell for my own position has sounded loudly for at least the last 9 months. At this point I am in the odd position of not understanding why I haven’t been made redundant.

I am not making light of my predicament. It creates a very weird sort of stress. To add to the uncertainty the job market for my skills has changed fundamentally. Much is now offshored, and the few jobs advertised are usually filled by visa holders taking salaries 40% lower than the going rate two years ago. It is likely a career change will be in order. Should I look at games design? How about becoming CCP Hermit?

3 thoughts on “Change

  1. GL out there Hermit. It’s tough out there atm, though there are a lot more jobs being advertised now than back in November. I’m looking at the upcoming end date on my temp assignment. Some stability would be in order.

    In all honesty, post away bud, post away. You write some solid stuff Hermit. Your bad days are better than my good 🙂

  2. the odd position of not being redundant… I once had a contract with the Health Dept. The Manager left (private sector dollar signs), the project I was the support for had rolled up early (due to my incompetent competence. IE doing my job too well), the next project died (due to “politics”)… and I literally had NO work at all for like 4 months.

    I actually dug up an old abandoned Access DB project that was supposed to be a Helpdesk Front End for that division of the Health Dept. but which died, as I understood it, due to ‘private sector dollar signs’… which I decided to task myself with simply so I wouldn’t be tempted to play PC games all day…

    Finally we got a new manager and he asked me… “What would you do if you were me?” … to which I responded. “Fire (the sys admin) cause he’s an incompetent ass, and cut me simply because you have no work for me.”… we both chuckled a wry chuckle, then did both… but only after I finished the Access Helpdesk DB and Interface… which last I heard they were still using. =]

    I too have toyed with the idea of a career change from time to time… hang in there and the very best of luck my friend. We all hope you keep bloggin, yours is a valuable voice in the blogshere.

    As for EVEMalaise… yeah, I got it too. The usual summer n kids n swimmin n travelin here-n-there n cookouts n campfires n such… but I have also crossed another personal ‘line’… I bought Elite Dangerous this weekend and I am having an absolute BALL with the docking and the undocking and the warping to an fro without gates and such. I’m a 3 day old noob again and already been kilt once even! LOL! For now while I learn the game I am just exploring and running the ‘safe and cheap’ hauler contracts from here to there. So far I got like 80k credits and my wittle noobship and TBH I’m happy as a pig in poo… =]

    I’m never ‘leaving’ EVE. I logged in, ran sites and enjoyed these last fleeting days of fleet warping around w/ the guys last night… but I really am enjoying Elite as a change of pace.

  3. For the last year, most of my work has been fixing problems caused by bad offshoring. It’s kinda telling that the offshore team takes eight hours to deploy a development build, while the onshore team is frustrated that they can only deploy eight times per hour.

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