New old tricks


I had another good undocked EVE session on the weekend, with another poor showing for the effort. So far the Serpentis drops do not seem to favor me.

I finished the session off with an hour of anomaly mining in a Retriever. There was another miner in the same site using a Skiff. After a while he deployed a Mobile Tractor Unit then dumped his ore into a can. The tractor Unit immediately picked up the can.

I guess that is a step up from Jet Can Mining. Anyone can come along and take items out of your Jet Can. With a Mobile Tractor Unit they have to attack it, and then see what survives in the drop afterwards.

That would give the owner of the tractor unit a (very) short period of time to either take what they can from the Unit, or (unwisely if mining) retaliate given the attacker is flagged as a suspect.

My only concern is the cost of the unit equates to 30+ minutes of Empire Mining, meaning you might well double the cost whenever someone tries to grief you.

I guess this might be a common tactic that has been around for a while. I just don’t mine that often and haven’t noticed it before.

5 thoughts on “New old tricks

  1. Yeah, I accidentally did this the other day clearing sleepers from an ore site and, yep, the MTU can hold a jetcan.

  2. You can use one of these things, if there is a warp in with a longish trek to the ore. If you not bringing in a orca with long tractor range – I sometimes use a DST. Of course if you are scanned down, you get messed with a lot easier.

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