A black background

I’ve been acclimatising to the new overview icons, and generally like them.  (Particularly after the wreck changes.)  My main problem recently has been differentiating players in amongst wrecks, asteroids and what not. I’ve taken to flagging pilots with no standing and neutral standing with (after some trial and error) a black background.


That’s an improvement – it makes them stand out if I pay attention in sites or belts, but otherwise blend in so I can continue to ignore them at undock / gates and the like.

I’m now trying to update the background appearance so it is very clear when I can attack another player or not in Empire. That’s one you don’t want to get wrong.

4 thoughts on “A black background

  1. I generally have all neuts set to yellow… it does make for a bright OV in some area’s of Empire but I live in Anoikis so most of the time it’s all black… LOL

  2. I like the idea of using black backgrounds for players, it could be quite effective in some areas. I think I will try it out for myself.

    I use a modified version of the EUni overview for knowing who is safe to shoot at in empire space that is quite effective. As an experienced player you probably have most of your tabs and filters set how you want them so most of EUni’s guide will not be useful to you. However, the sections on color tags and backgrounds does a good job of ensuring that pilots that can be safely engaged are clearly visible regardless of the situation. The exhaustive but somewhat dated guide can be found here: http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Overview_Setup#Setting_Up_Colortags

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