I think I’ve mentioned it, but I’ve been going through a long decluttering process at home. Once a week I check how much space is left in the bins before they go out for collection, and then I fill them with stuff from around the house that we don’t really need.

There are inherent dangers with this process – primarily if the wife or kids realise I have thrown something away that they really wanted to keep. So far however it has generally been ok on that front. We have, I suspect like many people, accumulated a huge collection of “stuff” that does nothing but get in the way.

While there are physical benefits from this process – such as a house that is neater and easier to keep clean, the largest positives are more mental in nature. I notice the kids – with less choice of toys and extra space available, seem to play more with their (remaining) toys. My wife remarks that it makes the house feel more relaxed. I personally find it cathartic – a more orderly house helps me feel more mentally sorted.

I’ve been going through a similar process in EVE. My hangers have always been stocked with more spare ships and equipment than I logically need. Most of it is there for choice and contingencies. So many choices that I can struggle to make a timely decision over which one to follow, and so many contingencies that only a faction ever get used. This huge collection of “stuff” has also required a somewhat toxic upkeep – to adjust for the games more frequent rule and balance changes.

I’ve probably been on this path in EVE for literally years, in a two steps forward, one step backwards kind of way. My recent travels with the Orca have reinforced just how important it is to keep making this effort. In my Orca are two Exploration hulls, a Salvager, two Mining hulls and a shuttle. In the last few weeks I’ve used all of them except the Mining frigate. Like my kids, in a decluttered environment I am finding it easier to see what I have, and make better use of it.

That Mining Frigate better find a use soon, else it might also be sold off…

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