Chump Change

I’m not sure how many Serpentis anomaly sites I’ve run fishing for Faction spawns – near on 40 at a guess. I finally got my first Shadow Serpentis – although the drop, including T2 salvage, was only worth 600K ISK.



The same site also triggered an Escalation – the 4th for those 40 odd anomalies. Each Escalation (Serpentis Narcotic Warehouses from memory) has been 9 jumps away, which is a bit of a hike there and back. I ran three of them, the fourth was in Low Sec and I did not think to use a cheaper clone on this investigation. It probably goes without saying, but none of the escalations dropped much in ISK value.

I haven’t run enough sites to know, but on this initial limited set of data the income from Serpentis sites has been noticeable lower than for Sansha. If that is accurate, I don’t know why there is as much competition for exploration sites as there is here.

I’m quite comfortable the Confessor can handle anything thrown at it by these empire Serpentis sites without any change of fit or tactics. I’ll keep running sites for a while longer just to get a better idea on what can drop.

I probably shouldn’t admit this – but I do occasionally salvage my anomaly wrecks for the bigger sites. It is not for the ISK, as the real earner there is to maximise the number of Faction Spawns and Escalations you get. For me it is just a short change of scenery, plus I find the process of efficiently salvaging to be kind of peaceful – like mining. I also find – as I have remarked on many times before, these small little collections add up over time.

Here was the salvage from one site:



*Edit – these posts are a little behind what is happening in game.  I’ve had another escalation into Low Sec within the next 10 anomalies I’ve run – this was a DED 5 of 10 which I did not have a suitable ship handy to run.  I would need to be using a cheaper clone and carry a Gila or Stratios in the Orca for that.

3 thoughts on “Chump Change

    • Lasers are not ideal against Serpentis. They do EM/Thermal, and the Serpentis weakness if Kinetic. But the DPS of the Confessor is high enough that it does not matter for anything you will find in Hi-Sec.

      I have not run the Serpentis Phi-Outpost (4/10) in the Confessor. It does the Narcotic Warehouses (3/10) comfortably. I’ve run Sansha’s Nation Occupied Mining Colony (4/10) many times without issue.

      Regards tank. For most sites I stay in sharpshooter mode and only move to ensure I am 10-20km from any spawn points, then sit still. You clear the NPCs so quickly tanking is not much of an issue. Having said that, you don’t have much of a buffer and if you make a mistake or fail to pay attention you could get swamped and lose the ship in a DED site. I’ve had to overheat my repairer 3 or 4 times since I started flying it.

      I’m not sure if it would tank a 5 out of 10. I will test that one day.

      I should warn however that my main has 170+M SP. Just checking then it has rank V in every skill effecting the ship aside Small Beam Laser Specialization (IV) and Armor Rigging (IV). Amarr tactical destroyer V is worthwhile getting for this hull.

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