2026 days

I lost my first ship on my Main in 2,026 days **. Not to another player – but to NPCs.

I had known what I was doing was risky, and the loss of my ship was probable, but I was in an experimenting sort of mood.

As I warped away in my pod, then salvaged my wreck, then headed off to Jita to replace the ship, I can’t say I felt particularly liberated by my actions. More slightly bemused, slightly annoyed.

I ran a Lesser Serpentis Covert Research Facility, or ghost site, in my Astero. I had the opportunity to warp away, but deliberately hung around to check how my fit handled the damage output. It didn’t.

I tanked the Secure Depot explosion ok. It did 1,773 points of damage, which was a little higher than expected given my main tank – armor, had 70% explosive resists. It was not however high enough to get into hull. What I had not expected was the high damage output from the sites Serpentis Cruiser Guardians. After the Can exploded I was hit with several wrecking blows of 200-300+ points of damage each. I only had enough time to overheat my armor repairer and zoom out my overview so as to try and pick a better transversal before it was all over.

The frigate had an EHP of 9.1K. If I had flown a little better and had a little more luck on the wrecking hits, I might have been ok. “Might have been ok” however isn’t a viable fit.

The hull and faction fittings cost just shy of 300M ISK. The salvage was about 12M ISK. That was an expensive experiment.

So my next move?

I have a new fit to try. Next time I try the site I will swap out the expensive faction modules and go for a dual armor and shield buffer tank. I know you are not meant to, but this is for this specific site. The new version has 14.2K EHP. Its loss should also only be around 100M ISK.  Should be worth a try.


** Checking across my Alts, I have two cyno ship loses (at 1,011 and 1,897 days ago), and one loss from NPC’s (at 577 days ago – although this was part of the new player experience and you had no choice but to die).  I don’t really count those as proper losses.


One thought on “2026 days

  1. People who froth at the thought of dual tanks will never appreciate the beauty of a Breacher. You wouldn’t want to be them.

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