Obstacles to death

I was lowering my IQ earlier today reading the Eve Online forums when I noticed a question from Cpt Buckshot.

“So why can missiles fly through asteroids”

What an interesting idea if structures in space provided cover from weapons fire? Keep it simple, ignore other players and most objects, but allow you to use asteroids or stations to hide behind or fly around to mitigate damage.

I don’t imagine it would be easy to do, but you already collide with such objects in space so the client is aware of them.

It probably makes it easier for people to escape death, so might not be liked from that point of view. You would want to allow EW to bend around the objects, but lasers and projectiles are blocked in line of sight, and missiles would be blocked depending on their spread / trajectory. It does make drones more powerful though.

Anyway, probably lots of holes in the idea, but it stood out to me.

8 thoughts on “Obstacles to death

  1. Drones would still need to fly around the asteroids, and would become easy to pick off… difficult to get them back to bay when they start to take damage. Not to mention the smart bomb traps you could set.

    Come to think of it, turrets would probably be more effective in that arena. Speeds would be slower, and possible orbits more limited. Much easier to reduce the tracking equations. So we have the same advantages: turrets able to do more damage less frequently, missiles more reliably hitting their target, and drones being useful but vulnerable.

    You could argue it’d make the belts too safe, but I’d counter that with saying it makes low-sec mining more possible. Miners could choose between running like a rabbit through brambles in a Prospect, or sit belligerently like a badger in a hole in a barge.

    Belt ratting takes a hit though… you’d need to think more about your approach rather than just burning hard towards targets. I’d welcome the little strategy challenges, but I’m sure someone would complain.

    If such a mechanic were in place, I’d like to see bigger fields. Bit more of an arena to play in.

    • I like how it would add strategic value to situational awareness and placement of your ship. I was also amused at the thought of people hiding behind the gate billboards. I suspect, even if it is possible without adding lag, the concept would be a bridge too far.

  2. The bigger challenge would be ships hiding behind other ships. Primary is XXX, all dps on XXX. Shit. He moving behind YYY. Those of you who can still hit XXX stay on XXX, the rest of you shoot at ZZZ. etc

    • That is why I suggested to keep it simple (to begin with) and ignore other players.

      Camping undocks and gates in empire would suddenly be more difficult with other players, Concord and Faction police literally getting in the way. Could you imagine half a fleet unable to shoot because friendly hulls are in the way? CCP wanted to move away from the concept of anchoring on one pilot and hitting F1 – this would force it.

      There is a lot about the idea that intrigues me. I’m just not sure players would accept it.

      • I had never thought about this before and not having PVP experience have no direct experience of this…

        No friendly fire, firing through ships and obstacles…all anti immersive in my eyes…

      • That is where Eve having a tick based system and not a twitch based system comes in. The PvP environment isn’t responsive enough to have smooth rolling maneuvers and fast sniping shots around obstacles. It is more like warships firing broadsides with big planes raking the water as they wallow by. The lack of agility in the PvP environment is one of the major hindrances in this particular dream situation.

        And you’d be amazed at how immersive it is, Tsuhelm. The most basic part of a battle in Eve is that you are scrolled out to see entire sections of the field. The fine details are about the strategy and understanding of how your ship and the environment works, not if you are shooting through enemies or not.

      • I wasn’t thinking about it like a twitched based system Sugar – most of the ships are too ponderous for that. It would however be problematic with ships like interceptors and the tick based turns.

  3. Not to nay say Sugar, because she is right, EVE is at heart a strategic game, not a tactical game. I am currently playing Elite Dangerous, basically a flight sim with an intensely tactical fight-n-flight interface and the differences are exactly as Sugar describes… and I like both styles of gameplay.

    EVE is vastly more immersive from a very “Big Picture” perspective and Elite Dangerous is as deeply immersive, from a more granular, personal perspective.

    But, if memory serves (Sugar, correct me if I’m wrong here) I believe EVE had friendly fire and obstakles back in the early dayz… and due to the more strategic flight and fleet mechanics those had to be removed because there was really ‘no way’ to avoid friendly losses and unintentional derping… ahence the not as deeply immersive personal flight-n-fight rules we have today.

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