Snakes along the shore

I’ve completed my 100 Serpentis anomalies and signatures, packed the Orca caravan and moved out of Everyshore.


A rest stop mid trip

In the end from the 100 sites I had 5 Hi-Sec escalations, 2 Low-Sec escalations (not run), 7 Anomaly Faction spawns, and about 100M ISK in total from loot and bounties. (Yes, only 10M ISK gained from the last 20 sites.)

I took a short break today to fly back to my home system to ingest a Ship Skin. While there I noticed a Covert Research Facility site was in the system. I took 5 minutes to run it, earning 25M ISK. That is just the way exploration works out some times.


The new skin

I left most of my collected loot in a GSC. I’ll return to pick it up in a Transport ship later. While the value wasn’t a gank risk, someone scanning my cargo might not have realised how worthless the collection of faction mods was. Such precautions can be advisable in EVE – as I was reminded when I flew through Uedama which was being hammered by Goonswam Catalyst pilots today.

The Confessor proved itself more than a match for the Hi-Sec Serpentis, now to spend some time with the Guristas. (Another faction I have had little to do with.) It is already apparent it might take me much longer to find 100 uncontested sites to run.

4 thoughts on “Snakes along the shore

  1. GL with the uncontested part. The Forge is possibly the worst place for it. Prior to the nerf it was tengu central. Then it was scanner alt/HAC central… might now be possibly T3 dessie central…

    • I am in The Forge at the moment – although figured I might have to move around regions and systems until I find the best of a likely bad bunch of options. I have actually noticed some T3 Destroyers doing exploration here – which I didn’t when I was running Serpentis sites. While I certainly see a fair number of Stratios, Gila’s and Ishtars, there is a surprisingly wide mix of ship hulls used. I’ve also noticed pilots will sometimes only run one type of site – data or relic sites, or combat signatures, or anomalies, but ignore the rest. Should be interesting.

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