After a process which wasn’t as automated or smooth as it should have been, I’m now running Windows 10 on my Desktop and Laptop. It has promise but doesn’t feel complete, and is surprisingly buggy. I haven’t had any issues so far running the EVE client.

I’ve just about had enough of The Forge. It is too busy for my hermit inclinations. I’m not sure if I am going to try Lonetrek instead, or move to Minmatar COSMOS space.  I have noticed that given the number of explorers in the area clearing sites, I might start working on 3 anomalies in one backwater system, but end up running 5 or 6 as new sites spawn regularly.  Even so, it is taking me much longer to amass 100 sites in The Forge as compared to Everyshore.

For all the pilots in the area, no one seems to chat. If you take out spam and what goes on between war targets, there seems to be much less banter in local. Generally the only thing I see on occasion is some frustration based insult thrown towards a player with a new flashing suspect tag. Are people less inclined now to draw attention to themselves?  Are people still dropping 100K bounties on anyone they seem talking in local?  That used to be the flavour of the month.  Maybe it still is.


Sugar Kyle referenced my purchase of the Asteo Sanctuary Skin on her blog. I actually had no idea how much it cost on the market. I purchased the Astero/Stratios/Nestor pack from the NES store, which was on sale at 34% off. The cost of 3,895 AUR came out of the free ones that were still sitting on my Alt’s account. They had been sitting there for an age.  I am still feeling inclined to buy a Nestor – not because I have any valid reason for it, but just because I love the look.

(Oh, happy Sys Admin day – which should be valid for those in the Euro and US zones.  I know a couple readers are in the field.  Apparently it has been running for 16 years now. I didn’t know it existed until it popped up on my Facebook feed today.)

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