A couple days late, but CCP has now announced that you no longer need a faction standing of 8.0 to create jump clones in a NPC station. You can just create them.


Sort of a wow moment, at least to my old player sensibilities.

I did pack up the Orca and move – to Minmatar / Angel space, near their Cosmos constellation. First impression is that it is noticeably quieter – more conducive to just undocking and getting things done. There also seem to be a hell of a lot of Russian Capsuleers in the area – I’ve had to make use of Google Translator a number of times.

I’ve started the initial research into the Cosmos Missions. I am not following a walk through guide, so am trying to piece the basics together myself. There might be a handful of scenarios where I could use a Nestor. It wouldn’t be necessary, but it might pass as an excuse.


The Gila has already had some use. Not sure the Cosmos rats have a weakness for Explosive damage. The ship puts out some serious DPS, but isn’t being as effective as I would have thought.  Tanks fine though.

I’ve got Windows 10 to be a bit more stable with a couple driver updates and avoiding certain apps. I spent some time soon after installing going through all the privacy options I could find. I was disturbed by the sort of information the default settings allowed Microsoft to gather. Sort of – well do a Facebook, raise you a Google, and go a mile further while we are at it.  I might have to look into the Professional version which allows you to stop automatic updates. I am not sure how smart it would be to in effect hand over full control of your PC to Microsoft.

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