Each year at around this time I spend $100 on the blog. I renew WordPress updates that allow me to somewhat customise the blog layout and I stop ads from being shown. I also renew the evehermit.com domain.

Before opening my wallet I always take the opportunity to reflect on what value for money I am getting. Is the blog achieving its goals? Is it still encouraging me to explore the game, contemplate its many changes, and give a quiet voice to the risk adverse, time poor solo player? As it is still accomplishing that, I handed over my cash again.

A handful of stats I looked up for my own interest – I’ve been writing the blog for a bit over four and a half years now, with this being my 691st post. Through that time I’ve uploaded approximately 475 EVE related screen captures. Funny what can be accomplished one small step at a time.

Thank you to the old and new readers. Through your comments, links and occasional EVE Mails, you have given me a sense of being a small part of the greater EVE community.

15 thoughts on “$100

    • John is absolutely right. Keep the posts coming Hermit, there are quite a few of us who love what you are doing.

  1. We are all each but a small part of the EVE community… even Mittens is only one man.

    We each have a voice and stuff to say… most choose not to speak, a few, IMHO the lucky ones, decide to reach out and stand on our little soapboxes and say our piece in the hope it reaches and maybe resonates with someone else.

    Please my friend, keep doing what yer doing. Yours is an almost unique view of New Eden, one we all would be the poorer for without… Like you, I too have been here a bit over 4 and a half years (though not as prolifically, only 235 posts under my byline)… but too many other good voices have gone quiet in that brief time…

    (Edited at the request of TurAmarth to change the word pooper to poorer – although both words work. 🙂 )

    • Keep doing what your doing EverHermit. Remember your perspective and voice is a rare one in the Community compared to the other many.

      However TurAmarth said it best above. Back to my wormhole…

    • I hope my post didn’t read as if I was asking for comments! It was just one of those light-weight background entries, indicating I am still getting value out of my efforts and am paid up for another year.

    • Interestingly enough you pair are indeed at the top of my commenter statistics – but I don’t feel like I am being stalked and have no need to take out intervention orders. Without intending to insult, I appreciate that both of you understand the mentality (and trials) of the “old man gamer”.

      • The voices here add’s much when they do and enrich your blog post with life. There are like the furniture that spruce the place up….. except they lend a voice whatever they speak, when they do.

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