Here, but it wasn’t the here I wanted

So to recap, I was focusing on two things in the game. The first was flying around in my mobile home Orca testing the Confessor out against different Faction Exploration sites. The second was repairing my Minmatar Faction standings so that I could run through some of their COSMOS missions.

After running several hundred Hi-Sec exploration sites across Sansha, Serpentis, Guristas and Angel space, I have had enough of doing that. I will go visit Blood Raider space, but won’t be particularly scientific about it. Instead I just plan to visit some of the other Hi-Sec regions I’ve never really spent time in, to get a feel for them.

My opinion of the Confessor remains the same – a fun and very effective ship, with not enough of an EHP buffer to be entirely relaxed when flying it.

I was still a little short on my Minmatar standings to run the next level of COSMOS missions – but had three options to increase them. Run general missions (each 16 would give me a storyline mission which would impact my faction standings), run the Minmatar Career Agents (which could also impact faction standings), or run the last Minmatar Tag agent I had not used yet.

I decided to finish my first lot of level 2 missions. My biggest issue, aside growing boredom, was the frequency at which I had to decline missions against other factions. I should have been able to  run 16 level 2 missions across a couple sittings, but it took 5 or 6 before I was able to complete them. The Confessor handled them all without issue, aside The Recon, which I had to pull the Gila out for. My Storyline mission was unfortunately a courier one – Data Delivery.  That had the following impact:

Increased Minmatar Standing from 0.15 to +0.22
Decreased Amarr Empire from 6.12 to 6.05

With my skills I had a Minmatar Faction standing of 1.79 – and I needed 2.0 to run the next COSMOS missions.

I took the easy option and went back and saw Frie Tasmulo in the Emolgranlan Republic Data Center. It cost me 85M ISK for the 20 Angel Brass Tags they required, which had the following impact:

Increased Minmatar Standing from 0.22 to +0.65
Decreased Amarr Empire from 6.05 to 5.70

That left my skill adjusted Minmatar standing at 2.15. Sure enough I could now access the COSMOS missions I was previously locked out of. I ran one of them which was an interesting enough 3 stage with a security site, courier mission, and finally collecting a certain drop from a COSMOS static site. The faction standing hit was noticeable when I finished it:

Increased Minmatar Standing from 0.65 to +1.06
Decreased Amarr Empire from 5.70 to 5.36

And here I’ve come to a stop. If I continue with the COSMOS sites I will hit my Amarr and Caldari standings harder than I wish too.

This process has increased my Minmatar standing by 3.22, and decreased my Amarr standing by approximately 2.44.  It is now down to a storyline mission or two from the minimum 5.0 I wanted to maintain.

My other main faction standings (without skill adjustment) are at reasonable levels of:

4.13 Caldari

1.97 Gallente Federation

4.00 Sister of EVE

I don’t want to get into a position of running one Minmatar Storyline line, then one Amarr Storyline, and then continuing to swap between them.  I’ve also previously used up most of my Amarr Tag Agent and COSMOS mission options, so getting to their storyline missions will be more problematic.  I am going to have to ponder that one.


Nice to be flying the Cormorant again, even if just to salvage.


One thought on “Here, but it wasn’t the here I wanted

  1. This is where the epic arcs come in. They give a decent standings boost but no decrease with opposing factions. Of course the epic arcs take several hours to complete (Think it took me 4-5 hours to complete the minmatar arc in a golem, which might not be the best ship. Going to use a machariel and tengu for my next run.)

    My unmodified standings:
    Servant Sisters of EVE 6.92
    Caldari State 5.93
    Gallente Federation 5.08
    Amarr Empire 5.06
    Minmatar Republic 4.85

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