Podded while you sleep

CCP has released more specific information about the Citadel structures.



The CSM FAQ document has additional information.



There is both a hell of a lot of information there, and nowhere near enough information.

I mustn’t have been paying attention, but it seems like Titian and Supercarriers will be able to dock in the XL versions of these. I think that is a good thing.

Of particular note is that l will have to use the large versions if I want to dock an Orca or Freighter.

Those will have 6 hours of vulnerability across the week in Hi-Sec.

While you can arm them, which is interesting, the defenses are not automated. If you are not online to fire them they are just inoperable ornaments. I’m not a fan of that. I am happy for the defenses to be more effective if someone is manning them, but I’d have preferred some basic automation to reduce the impact of solo Entosis link trolling.

It was good to read that you could in effect have individual citadels while being a member of a larger Corporation, although you would have to place your trust in the people controlling roles.

The structure loss mechanism is curious. The 10% asset recovery fee and delayed delivery will hit younger players who might only have a handful of useful ships and no ISK in the bank. The suggested length of delays also seems possibly excessive. Does CCP want situations where people can’t play the game for weeks?

I imagine it could be more problematic and expensive trying to defend a full Null-Sec region which is being burned down.

I might have missed it, but I wonder what happens to assets if the owners unanchor the structures?

The problem I still have though is that there are so many facets to these things that I am struggling to get a clear picture on just how I might use them as a solo player. I can’t really make an informed decision on the capture process and asset safety until I understand just how useful they will be.

Historically I have used POS as bolt holes in Low Sec and for Industrial applications in Hi-Sec. Will these new structures encourage me to do that again? Will they give me brand new things to try in game?

The one thing I have not liked, and I would go as far as saying irks me, is that any docked pilot gets podded when the structure is lost. This is a big thing for casual players or those who unexpectedly can’t play for a while due to financial, internet access or computer hardware reasons.*


Noticed this comment from CCP CCP Nullarbor


“you can unanchor them provided they are not under attack. They will immediately enter a vulnerable state and at the end will eject the personal assets to safety, kickout the docked pilots into space and the unanchor to be scooped”

So docked pilots will find themselves in space if a citadel is unanchored.  Their assets will be “safe”.  I wonder if that means they are moved without cost and time delay?

7 thoughts on “Podded while you sleep

  1. Insert “oh….. shit….” moment right here. The immediate thing that crossed my mind would be that the war dec corps are going to have an absolute field day in high sec. That was followed shortly by indy corps not interested in fighting either paying for mercs for defense or just saying screw it and operating out of NPC stations. That was followed by a, oh look, potential spike in prices both by reduced supply and by reduced margins… and then there is the podding.

    Casuals just won’t own them. Small, solely manufacturing corps will almost cease to exist as a structure owner. Larger corps will be forced to seriously consider the balance of combat pilots to resource gatherers or manufacturers. Did they think that one all the through one wonders…?

    • I think that would depend on their cost, level of usefulness, and requirement to actually have them. If the medium sized citadels are cheap and fun to own, people might use them often and not care if they are destroyed. If you have no choice but to use them to be anywhere near competitive, and they are a major investment for a solo or small group, then I can see the darker future you are worried about. As I said – I don’t feel we have enough information yet to judge these mechanics against.

      • Don’t worry if it’s half full or half empty, just war dec the glass and see if the water drops as lootz! 🙂

        Fair point Hermit. And as always, CCP have a delicate balancing act to complete too.

  2. From all the changes I’ve read about over the years. not one of them has ever made me think that I would stop playing (accept the boredom/bitter vet syndrome that I have) however, although I will wait to see how these changes pan out before deciding) I really can see me walking away from the game with changes. especially if they remove the NPC stations from HS

    • I don’t think we will see the removal of Hi-Sec NPC stations. It will be interesting however to see how players adjust or react to having the replacement for their Null Sec Outposts being destructible.

      • I think without all the called for changes to actually make sov null give an actual advantage and reason to live there, I see NPC null getting very crowded.

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