Looking for excuses

The removal of all NPC stations was raised in some recent comments. While it is not something I expect is on the drawing board, it got me thinking – how would I play EVE in that sort of environment?

A scenario I could imagine it might happen in is during the twilight years of the game – when it was just being played by a small niche group of hard core capsuleers.

I expect there would be player own destructible structures you could use instead. I would not however use them to store assets.

I would sell the vast majority of my ships, supplies, collectibles, loot, BPO etc, and retain most of my worth in liquid ISK.

I would have three Alts on my second account logged off in space. One in an Orca carrying supplies, assets and a small collection of fitted ships, another in a Bowhead with more ships, and the last in a Carrier. I would use those as mobile hangers, although I suspect I would not move them around much.

I would have to find my inner minimalist.

I don’t relish the idea, but I think I could work with it.

Without meaning to be preachy, I think when it comes to EVE it is important to look for excuses to play, instead of reasons not to. I’m not suggesting you become a doormat and accept whatever you are given. Just that you take your bat and ball and go only after you have considered all your options and found none workable.

This thought has been brought to you by me reflecting upon my approaching 9th year anniversary in game, and wondering how the hell I have managed that.

2 thoughts on “Looking for excuses

  1. I think that if I have to think of an excuse to play I may be in a very bad place. I’m interested in Eve becoming a varied and interesting world but I also think removing every single NPC station in the game and making it a vast swath of player made and player destroyable stations is not an environment that I want. I to would have to liquidate everything I own. I’d then have to give up many of the things I’ve spent my time putting together, keeping, and working for. That situation is going to make me ask why am I here?

    In every game that I play, one of the first things I do is make a defensible base. If I am playing a very volatile game I make supply cashes and such things. Creating some form of security is important to me in my open world games. If you take that away or never give it the chances are I will not be attracted to the game.

    • You had me pulling out my old collection of Total Annihilation, Command & Conquer, Galactic Battlegrounds and Blitzkrieg games, reminiscing on the defensive bases I loved to set up.

      In hindsight “Look for an excuse to play” could have been phrased better. Maybe look for reasons to play, instead of reasons not to.

      I used the example of NPC stations being removed as I found it challenging. For most of my EVE career I would have classified it as a deal breaker which would have ended my time with the game. It more than likely still would. I just found it interesting to reflect on how I might react – would I really consider all the options or just throw in the towel? Personally, I’m not sure I would want to get rid of all the gifts, collectibles and memories I have stored in my home station.

      I would be highly surprised if CCP ever removed NPC Stations from Hi-Sec. I guess they might limit or reduce their services, but I think they will always be available for the relatively safe storage of your assets. I expect if CCP needed to learn any lessons on that front, that they will get them when they make all Null Sec stations destructible. I quietly think that will have a much greater impact on carebear players than the jump fatigue or FozzieSov.

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