I’m back in my home station with my travelling Orca. I have several hundred million ISK worth of loot to sell and some ship fittings and spares to fine tune and update. I also need to continue with my general asset reduction.

My Orca roam was a success, and I plan on moving out again in it shortly. I’ll start with visiting the Bleak Lands. The only issue I’ve really had was the discomfort I felt hauling all those ships through Niarja or Uedama. Every time I relocated I passed through one, the other, or both of them.

A follow up on something I mentioned at the end of June. I am still employed. I listened to middle managements ideas on generating more work, but could see they would accomplish little. (Why do so many people in that position take inspiration instead of irony from Dilbert?) I then went to the MD and had a candid conversation about the future prospects of my job. There is unlikely to be much work for me in the medium term, but they consider the service I work in to be strategically important to maintain.

While their reasoning is valid, I do quietly wonder if that strategy includes having me on the books as a sacrificial lamb the next time the International Accountants come demanding head count. Come what may, the job is convenient while it lasts. I’m just not sure if it will be for a week or a year.

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