A sandpit doesn’t entertain you, you entertain yourself in a sandpit.

My six year old daughter comes home from school most days with dirty clothes and shoes filled with sand.

She loves spending a lot of her free time playing in the Sandpit. She has no compunction to play there alone if her friends happen to be doing something else. With a bit of effort (often collaborative), imagination, plus some twigs, leaves and rocks thrown in for good measure, she finds a world of seemingly endless entertainment.

I asked her this week why she didn’t use the playground equipment more. I was quietly thinking it would save me a lot of washing. She remarked that it was boring because it was always the same.

I think she will like EVE when she gets older, and have the right mindset for it.

2 thoughts on “A sandpit doesn’t entertain you, you entertain yourself in a sandpit.

  1. My son likes to grab a nerf gun and chase me up the hallway… at 2 and a half. Which also possibly makes for a good EvE candidate 😉

    On another note: it was really interesting to hear on the latest DoW podcast about the younger generation starting to play EvE. In this case at least initially with his father. I think the age was 14 or so.

    • Both my kids love Nerf guns, although they are a little too competitive and battles always seem to end in tears. I will say, given the poor quality of seemingly the majority to toys on the market, the Nerf guns tend to be well made and take quite a beating. They are also rather fun…

      There would be 14 year old who would get, enjoy, and fit in ok in EVE. They would need to be somewhat mature, level headed, and resilient though. Not sure my 10 year old will be all that by 14.

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