The back story takes a turn

The death of Empress Jamyl I was announced today:

If the Drifters are going for an Amarrian headshot, I wonder if they will attack Dam Torsad in Amarr Prime when the heads of the armed forces and government arrive for their meeting.

An interesting development of the back story.

3 thoughts on “The back story takes a turn

    • It would not surprise me if the Empress awoke in a new clone – although I’m not sure what use she would have in whatever Lord Falek Grange’s plans would now be. It will be interesting to learn the motive of the Drifters – where they trying to kill or free The Other for example.

      • yup… I feel the ‘reports of her demise may be somewhat exaggerated…’ =]

        [You can’t kill an immortal unless you kill ALL their clones first.]

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