Not a patch on me

What a strange experience the Galatea update patch was.

The first time I started the launcher it didn’t seem to successfully identify the game client needed patching.

The second time it started a 25MB download, but stopped on 17MB for a very long time before giving me a long error text. I’ve never seen that before.

The third time told me I needed to run the repair tool, which I did without issue.

The fourth time it again started a 25MB download – stopping and starting as it went. A little later while I was looking at the forums I noticed the launcher was no longer running. This is not uncommon for launcher updates though.

The firth time I started the launcher it again downloaded a patch file, a couple hundred MB if I remember. This process also had long pauses at various times. I went away and did something else, and by the time I came back the game was patched and I was able to log in.

Other people were having similar issues – and were complaining about them in the forums. Again – the level of vitriol directed at CCP seemed to be all out of proportion to the situation. Surely it must be aggravating CCP staff.

(As if to add weight to my thoughts, we just had an earth tremor here.)

I am having to make a conscious effort at the moment not to be dragged down by the melancholy that seems to hang over portions of the EVE community.

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