I am not by nature a particularly resilient person. I suffer anxieties, an unhealthy dose of pessimism, have more empathy than I would like, and am prone to stress with change and conflict.

Instead I have to manufacture my resilience. I try to disarm what it is I must be resilient for. I prepare for situations where I can in advance, doing my best to understand it. I acknowledge and allow for my own shortcomings. I rationalise my reactions, and after taking a deep breath, I consider and improve upon them.

It is more wearisome than just naturally coping with things, but for the most part it works for me.

You need a lot of resilience to play EVE. Some is for obvious reasons – the game environment is harsh and unfair. The rules are not always clear, can change, and are often pushed to the edge and beyond exploit by its players. Your emotions can be played upon by people trying to push you into mistakes or to liberate you from assets or dignity. Even those who should be on your side, in your own corporations, can be difficult to deal with.

There are also less obvious ways in which you need resilience to play EVE. The developer, CCP occasionally makes a hash of things which can leave you pulling your hair out. More than that however – the player group itself can whip up a maelstrom of toxicity on the forums, blogs, news sites, tweets and what not. I cannot overstate just how bad that can get.

I attribute some of my longevity in playing EVE to my lack of natural resilience. I tend to pay attention to the pressures it might place upon me, and don’t take my ability to cope with them for granted.

5 thoughts on “Skin

  1. That and taking a second to Smell teh Roses as twere… You know, warp off, cloak up, hit Ctr/F9 and sit back and enjoy the wonder that is our shared verse… I do this probably more than I should TBH, damn near got me kilt more’n once… but that and the good people I know and have known, whether in the client or in the meta, remind me of why I love this game so much.

    Thank you Hermit, for making this a better ‘verse for us all.

  2. In many ways Eve is not a good fit for real life me either. I am by nature a peace seeking conflict avoider which is pretty much the exact opposite of what Eve hands you. This means DireNecessity, when I don the mantle, remains a bit of a push for me. Interestingly, the very fact that this game we play is not what comes natural to me ends up being the very origin of its long term draw for me. After all these years Eve continues to not only gives me the occasional shakes but also goads me to the occasional delighted cackle. It’s a deeply appealing type of enduring challenge.

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