Aimlessly Offloading

After a couple weeks where RL gave me very little time for EVE, I managed to spend a few hours undocked this weekend. I was doing nothing of note – just shifting 3B ISK worth of surplus gear and loot to the Jita and Amarr markets using an Occator, Obelisk and Exequror.

Since being given a fleet hanger, the Occator has been my go to hauler. So much so I can’t remember the last time I used my hauling Orca. Maybe I should add that to my pile of surplus gear.

With exploration getting tiresome and the COSMOS sites discounted due to difficulties in balancing faction standings, I’ve been lacking an immediate goal in EVE. I have a few Industry tasks I will try when I am in the mood – but I’m not, and haven’t been for some time. I was thinking about trying to live out of Low Sec again to run sites, but meh sites. It was a comment by Raziel Walker though which has set my next direction in game. I’m going to run the Empire Faction Epic Arcs, which I haven’t done before.

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