Heavy Hulls

There was one session in the first day of CSMX Summit 1 which I am particularly interested in – and that was on Capitals and Super-Capitals.


I have an Archon, Thanatos and Rorqual stored away in Low Sec which have seen no use for a very long time. I actually tried to sell the Rorqual recently given it is no longer needed for jump clone creation, but had no bites. I have also toyed with getting rid of my Carriers – but given how tiresome they can be to fully equip I have been holding off to hear what CCP is going to do with them.

I don’t expect them to be considering the solo player in their discussions, but it would be nice if the hulls were worth aspiring to. It is probably one of the key things I’ve been waiting to hear from CCP in recent months.

6 thoughts on “Heavy Hulls

    • I’ll wait for some idea on what CCP plans to do with capitals before trying to sell it again. Given Jump fatigue, location is important. It is currently in low sec Domain, which may or may not make it unsuitable for you anyway.

    • I wasn’t suggesting solo pilots did not matter to CCP. 🙂 I just wasn’t assuming they would be high on CCP’s agenda when working out what roles capitals should have. A quick glance at the Summit meeting notes from day one it looks like CCP should bring the topic up at EVE Vegas this year, so I’ll have to wait until October 23-25th. I noticed that Steve Ronuken indicated he did like what he had heard.

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