o7 Ep 9

The latest episode of o7 is available on YouTube:


I’m still not sure if the lack of polish is endearing or not.

This was where CCP Seagull first announced that while CCP would continue with their 5 week release schedule, they would also be going back to doing large expansions.  It will be a mix of the old and new.  The reasoning was that players had a harder time seeing the big picture of where CCP was going with EVE with these small steps, and some larger blocks of work were better released in one big collection.  I have previously indicated I found the pace of change a little too hard to keep up with, so I am cautiously optimistic with this approach.  It does however come with risk.  I think we will have to wait and see.  The first expansion will be around the Citadel structures, and if I heard right, the Capital rebalance.

They referenced the suggestion that there might have been collusion in the Alliance Tournament between first and second place, which they were investigating.  I had read about it on several blogs.  It left me wondering – if proven, why EVE players do stuff like that.  I guess they won – but might end up losing bigger.

They discussed how Capsuleers would be deciding the next ruler of Amarr through a 4 v 4 player tournament fighting for the various Amarr houses.  I thought that was seriously cool.  Players having such a direct impact on the lore of the game and story telling moving forward.

It was also mentioned that CCP were going to try to release a monthly economic statistic report, the first coming out after EVE Vegas.   I am looking forward to that – although I hope they do it on schedule and keep doing it.  CCP ‘s track record on such things is a bit more miss than hit.

Worth a watch.