o7 Ep 9

The latest episode of o7 is available on YouTube:


I’m still not sure if the lack of polish is endearing or not.

This was where CCP Seagull first announced that while CCP would continue with their 5 week release schedule, they would also be going back to doing large expansions.  It will be a mix of the old and new.  The reasoning was that players had a harder time seeing the big picture of where CCP was going with EVE with these small steps, and some larger blocks of work were better released in one big collection.  I have previously indicated I found the pace of change a little too hard to keep up with, so I am cautiously optimistic with this approach.  It does however come with risk.  I think we will have to wait and see.  The first expansion will be around the Citadel structures, and if I heard right, the Capital rebalance.

They referenced the suggestion that there might have been collusion in the Alliance Tournament between first and second place, which they were investigating.  I had read about it on several blogs.  It left me wondering – if proven, why EVE players do stuff like that.  I guess they won – but might end up losing bigger.

They discussed how Capsuleers would be deciding the next ruler of Amarr through a 4 v 4 player tournament fighting for the various Amarr houses.  I thought that was seriously cool.  Players having such a direct impact on the lore of the game and story telling moving forward.

It was also mentioned that CCP were going to try to release a monthly economic statistic report, the first coming out after EVE Vegas.   I am looking forward to that – although I hope they do it on schedule and keep doing it.  CCP ‘s track record on such things is a bit more miss than hit.

Worth a watch.


One thought on “o7 Ep 9

  1. The following gleaned from CITADELS, SIEGES AND YOU V2

    Capitols are being given a Structures Role again, IE: :”ENTOSIS LINKS ARE NOT GOING TO WORK ON NEW STRUCTURES”
    so… “Ve Vill have to SHOOTZ dem!!!!” “…Capital Ship are in the pipelines to be rebalanced, and bringing HP damage back into structures is not a coincidence. We want both structures and capitals to have a strong tie with each other, a binding theme delivers a unified and enriching experience. As such, the Capital Ship rebalance will definitely account for this HP damage system for structures” followed by a LOT of mind numbing math and words…

    I really feel the mixed Big Occasional Expansions and Regular 5 Week Point Release Cycle are going to be a good thing in the end.

    AT Collusion Allegations… Ooooooo Drama in EVE? Nooo say it isn’t so!… yeah right.

    Succession Trials… I worry about Goons and how they always work to bring chaos to Lore Events… but it could be very cool stuff.

    And the new Economic Reports from CCP Quant will be about the New Eden Economy and financial picture… nothing like the old EQN on CCP’s finances.

    And I kinda liked the more off the cuff style and really prefer the new studio, though once they get more than 2 guests they are jammed into too small a space… what I would like to see is moar professional camera and scene cuts and why in GODS NAME is there 30 minutes of ‘whatever’ before the show actually starts??? I don’t mind the player created adverts… some a really fun, but DAMN… 30 MINUTES?? much of which is just the 07 logo??? Comeon CCP… you can do better.

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