Judging Epicness

As mentioned, I am having a look at the EVE Epic Mission Arcs.  I am looking to do the Arcs I haven’t tried before, plus verify if they give Faction standing increases without the full negative hit on apposing Factions like normal storyline missions and Cosmos sites do.  You can find an overview here:


There are 7 available, one each for Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar, Sisters of EVE, Guristas and Angel. I am just focusing on the Empire Factions at the moment.

The Empire Epic Arcs are classified as Level 4, and require a standing of +5.00 (inclusive of skills) with the Agents you use to start them. Looking that up showed I did not have Corporation standings of note with any of them, so I had to rely on Faction standings. That meant only Amarr and Caldari Epic Arcs are available to me.

Here is a list of the Arc’s name, faction, initial agent corporation, and my derived standings:

Right to Rule – Amarr – Ministry of Internal Order (6.29, from Amarr)
Penumbra – Caldari – Expert Distribution (5.3, from Caldari)
Syndication – Gallente – Impetus (3.57, from Gallente)
Widlfire – Minmatar – Brutor Tribe (2.85, from Minmatar Republic)

I am not going to try and increase my Gallente or Minmatar Faction Standings via Tags or COSMOS missions as the Amarr and Caldari standings are as low as I want them to get. Instead I will run missions for the Agent’s Corporations to get access to the Arcs.

To start I just went with the old reliable Amarr. I’m about a third of the way through “Right to Rule”, getting an overview of the missions from here:


The Nestor is holding up fine. As mentioned already, it is quick to align and warp, which makes such a difference as you move around. I will occasional move 20km or so away from a warp in point, but mostly I just deploy sentries and sit unmoving, taking the full force of incoming DPS. While I generally pay attention to wave triggers, I’ve had a couple missions where I’ve tanked 6+ Battleships and more than a dozen Elite Frigate, Elite Cruisers and Battlecruisers all firing away together. So far I don’t think I’ve got below 85% Armor. Having said that, I am sort of uneasy about where the tipping point would be for the hull.

I’ve stayed with fitting the Remote Armor repair – it has proven useful to be able to rep Drones to save me having to recall them constantly. It is not perfect – by the time you lock a drone taking damage it can sometimes already be in hull, but I haven’t lost one so far. I swapped out the web, which was having no real impact on DPS on Frigates / Cruisers, for a Cap Booster. I did this initially for a number of the missions with Neuting, although I did not specifically require it in the end. Where it has worked out is that the hull is not cap stable when running both the local repairer and the remote repairer at the same time. I do pulse the later, but when a drone ends up with half a dozen Elite rats hammering on it, being able to boost cap works out well. While the Navy Cap charges end up costing more than the Drone, it is less painful than the loss of DPS / replacing the drones.

There has been one mission so far where I needed to use a Data Analyzer – which the hull has bonuses for, so that was nice not having to consider changing to a different ship.

There are obviously other people running the same chains at the same time. There is a wide range of hulls being used, but the most common would be Rattlesnakes and Gilas, with a spattering of other Navy Faction Battleships (including a Bhaalgorn) and some Marauders.

The missions themselves are mostly standard fare and generally forgettable. It pays to read the background story as you go to give them more impact.


I tractor in wrecks holding loot if they are in range. It was particularly useful in picking up Amarr tags during one mission, where the rats unusually could be killed with no faction standing impact


There is a damaged station in Nishah with apparently broken graphics. (Unless the transparent cylinder is meant to represent some huge glass like object.)