EVE on the Horizon

In a move which might steal some of the EVE Vegas thunder, CCP Seagull released a new Video Blog discussing the EVE development roadmap from now through to the Northern Hemisphere Spring of 2016.


These and more have been added to the EVE Update future timeline:


It starts on October 5th with a Vanguard point release that includes a Beta version of the new Launcher. I’m not sure they ever finished the last two iterations of the Launcher, but this one should better manage accessing the public test servers and – most interestingly, support multiple account launches with a single click.

There was reference to a little change in the November 3rd Parallax release – you will be able to scoop in-space objects into a fleet hangar. That will mean the Non-Covert ops Transport Ships will be more useful in pulling down POS etc.

The Fall release will have the updated Probe Scanning Map.

The Winter release looks bigger. There is a strange reference to Community driven ship and module updates. I’m not sure how this differs from the current Dev Blog / player feedback loop, but I can already see Rixx Javix running strong campaigns against Warp Core Stabs, Off Grid Links and Electronic Counter Measures. We will see new ships – T2 Destroyers with area effect Micro-jump drives (a bit niche) and a T2 Ice Mining Frigate. Missile Guidance Disruptors will also be introduced. That one I can see will be huge, particularly for the PVE players. Everyone will have to work a little harder when flying their missile ships, which is not a bad thing. Interestingly remote assistance, neuts and energy transfer modules will get a fall off component to their ranges. Ship appearances will be more dynamic, with rust, wear and PVP kill marks displayed based on the in the in game history of a hull. D-Scan will also appear in the “newish” star map.

Finally the Citadel and Capital Ship changes will arrive in the Spring 2016 expansion.

There was a lot more – references to visual changes and stuff around Sov and group play, but I just flagged the things more related to how I play the game. It is worth a closer read.

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