There is an unpleasant aspect to flying the Golem that I wanted to remark on from a solo player point of view. Flying it makes me feel a lot more conspicuous than I like to be. It seems to say – “hey, possible loot pinata”, or “scan down my mission, I’m bound to fire upon someone stealing from wrecks.”

Maybe it isn’t a solo thing – maybe it is just me who doesn’t like it or the reputation it seems to come with.

I only have three Deadspace modules on it, the shield booster and the pair of shield boost amplifiers. They cost 400M ISK in total, which shouldn’t make me a gank target. I was contemplating the Gistum B-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field, which would cost a further 300M ISK. I’ll see how the current fit works first. I wonder at what point people think it is worth ganking a Golem for?  Or is it a target simply as it is a 1B+ ISK cost to the owner?

I know even with the relatively cheap modules I used, when I undocked from Jita for the first time I had 3 Reinforced Bulkheads II fitted along with a couple extra Adaptive Invulnerability Field II modules.

As an aside, I know I said cheap, but that is obviously a relative term.  I would not have been able to afford this ship in the first couple years I played the game, and then I wouldn’t have wanted to risk that much ISK in one hull for a couple more years after that.  I don’t mean to be discourteous about flying what I expect is an aspirational ship for many solo Empire based Mission runners.  At the moment however I have the spare ISK, and I know ISK has more value when it is spent on getting you active in the game.


Sugar Kyle kindly commented on the blog a few weeks ago that solo pilots matter to CCP. I believe that is accurate, and you would hope so given there are a rather large number of us.

As I’ve read through the CSM summit minutes and the flurry of recent Dev Blogs about the short and medium term updates coming to EVE, I’ve again noticed however that very little of CCP’s work seems to focus on Solo Pilots who are not into PVP.

CCP probably understand those who like solo PVP. They have Developers who come from that background, and you see evidence of that in their small ship balancing and in such things as how faction warfare is designed.

But what about all the solo pilots who are out and about in space, but generally mind their own business and keep to themselves. You can compete against them on the markets or in exploration sites, chase them around low sec or wormholes, scam them or gank them – but if you ignore them, they will ignore you. You know – the apparent majority of solo players.

I found little in the recent CCP communications that was exciting for players like me – nothing aspirational and nothing to set goals for.

I wasn’t going to remark on it, but I noticed the indomitable Greedy Goblin had also picked up on aspects of my disquiet:


This isn’t a “CCP doesn’t care about us” post, or a cry to have my hard earnt subscription dollars spent on the specific way I play the game. I have however been pondering – does CCP simply not understand a numerous – but by their nature silent, proportion of their player base?

It is an interesting thought.


I had a great day of EVE yesterday – very long and productive. After finishing the Amarr Epic Arc I moved the Nestor and loot back to my home base and sorted everything. I then moved onto investigating Marauders. On paper I liked the Paladin the most, but I settled instead on the Golem. I mostly just want to play around for the first time with the Micro Jump Drive and Bastion Module.



Here’s my first somewhat inexpensive fit.

[Golem, Draft]
Damage Control II
Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II

Large Micro Jump Drive
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Gist X-Type Large Shield Booster
Pith X-Type Shield Boost Amplifier
Pith X-Type Shield Boost Amplifier
Conjunctive Gravimetric ECCM Scanning Array I
Phased Weapon Navigation Array Generation Extron

Bastion Module I
Cruise Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Mjolnir Cruise Missile
Cruise Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Mjolnir Cruise Missile
Cruise Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Mjolnir Cruise Missile
Cruise Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Mjolnir Cruise Missile
Small Tractor Beam II
Small Tractor Beam II
Salvager II

Large Capacitor Control Circuit II
Large Capacitor Control Circuit II

‘Augmented’ Hornet x5