There is an unpleasant aspect to flying the Golem that I wanted to remark on from a solo player point of view. Flying it makes me feel a lot more conspicuous than I like to be. It seems to say – “hey, possible loot pinata”, or “scan down my mission, I’m bound to fire upon someone stealing from wrecks.”

Maybe it isn’t a solo thing – maybe it is just me who doesn’t like it or the reputation it seems to come with.

I only have three Deadspace modules on it, the shield booster and the pair of shield boost amplifiers. They cost 400M ISK in total, which shouldn’t make me a gank target. I was contemplating the Gistum B-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field, which would cost a further 300M ISK. I’ll see how the current fit works first. I wonder at what point people think it is worth ganking a Golem for?  Or is it a target simply as it is a 1B+ ISK cost to the owner?

I know even with the relatively cheap modules I used, when I undocked from Jita for the first time I had 3 Reinforced Bulkheads II fitted along with a couple extra Adaptive Invulnerability Field II modules.

As an aside, I know I said cheap, but that is obviously a relative term.  I would not have been able to afford this ship in the first couple years I played the game, and then I wouldn’t have wanted to risk that much ISK in one hull for a couple more years after that.  I don’t mean to be discourteous about flying what I expect is an aspirational ship for many solo Empire based Mission runners.  At the moment however I have the spare ISK, and I know ISK has more value when it is spent on getting you active in the game.

7 thoughts on “Gollum

  1. Shield extenders on top of T2 resists are pretty effective. If you can squeeze one or two on, it can make a huge difference. Yes, you may not be as overtanked or be as quite as cap stable as you’d like, but then the Golem is one massive sledge hammer and great for removing those larger rats anyway. If the likely drop on a gank is less than the value of the ships used, then the gankers more likely to go elsewhere. TThe EvE equivalent of running faster imho.

    Also: XL-ASB. For emergencies. On a Golem in bastion. Huge boost… oO

    • I suspect with the Golem I’m really going to have to fly it to get an idea on what works for me and what doesn’t. I am planning to run some level 4 missions to bed it in before moving on to the Caldari Epic Arc.

  2. Even though i used to churn out Golems, I never once flew one. Mainly cause i felt that it was like sticking a big sign on saying shoot me for loot pinata. Though I was happy to fly them in the hold of my freighter. Even though my T3 was getting nicely pimped out i never felt in danger flying that. Must be a ‘Golum’ Thang.

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