Sugar Kyle kindly commented on the blog a few weeks ago that solo pilots matter to CCP. I believe that is accurate, and you would hope so given there are a rather large number of us.

As I’ve read through the CSM summit minutes and the flurry of recent Dev Blogs about the short and medium term updates coming to EVE, I’ve again noticed however that very little of CCP’s work seems to focus on Solo Pilots who are not into PVP.

CCP probably understand those who like solo PVP. They have Developers who come from that background, and you see evidence of that in their small ship balancing and in such things as how faction warfare is designed.

But what about all the solo pilots who are out and about in space, but generally mind their own business and keep to themselves. You can compete against them on the markets or in exploration sites, chase them around low sec or wormholes, scam them or gank them – but if you ignore them, they will ignore you. You know – the apparent majority of solo players.

I found little in the recent CCP communications that was exciting for players like me – nothing aspirational and nothing to set goals for.

I wasn’t going to remark on it, but I noticed the indomitable Greedy Goblin had also picked up on aspects of my disquiet:


This isn’t a “CCP doesn’t care about us” post, or a cry to have my hard earnt subscription dollars spent on the specific way I play the game. I have however been pondering – does CCP simply not understand a numerous – but by their nature silent, proportion of their player base?

It is an interesting thought.

One thought on “Understanding

  1. The day to day solo grunts in EVE that work markets, industry corps, etc are overlooked a lot in all updates and expansions. A lot of ‘little things’ are dedicated to people doing these things so others can have their PVP fun. I still find it amazing that these (as dubbed by CCP seagul) “Enablers” are just on the roadmap if backed by big alliances and coalitions.

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