Day 4

The CSM Summit meeting minutes have been released for day 4.

I always make a point of reading this sort of information from CCP, and take notes of anything that might impact my game or that I find interesting. Here were a few things that stood out.

In the Ship Balancing session Jayne Fillion raised the issue of FC’s being headshotted – with CCP indicating they were interested in tackling that. I was horrified by that concept. It is up to the players to deal with protecting their FC’s, not some arbitrary game mechanic. I hope that never sees the light of day.

Sion suggested remote reps should be toned down to allow both sides to get kills more easily. CCP asked if that would encourage or discourage fights – with Sion suggesting the increased kill mails would motivate people to fight more. I suspect Sion should ask the average F1 Fleet Monkey with an average ISK Bank balance what they think.

(I don’t mind the idea of fall off ranges on remote assistance modules – just not for the reason of nerfing them to uselessness.)

In the Factional Warfare and PvE session they raised the idea of a Tribute system – where ISK rewards would be given out for, in effect, logging in and doing stuff daily. I’m in two minds over this. On one hand it is a crass was to try and encourage people to log in daily. On the other hand it might work – I’ve said many times before how just undocking to run an exploration site can lead to a much more involved and longer EVE session.

CCP are also looking at turning Faction Warfare into a 4 way war. They also raised the idea of NPC Patrols and Convoys that the players can interact with, and that will fight each other if they cross paths. CCP Affinity indicated that she would like to decouple standings from FW completely. Assuming there was some mechanism to delay the speed of swapping between factions, I think that would be an excellent way of encouraging more players into FW.  I know the standings impact is one of the reasons I’ve never looked at it.  Oh, and the fact I don’t seem to like PVP might also play a part.  I might however give it a try at times if it didn’t ruin standings.

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