Centimetre imperfect

I’ve been rather unwell this week and haven’t undocked.  I am not likely to be able to rectify that this weekend as I’ll be busy watching all the TV coverage for the Bathurst 1000 race.  I’ve been fascinated by this particular race and watched it religiously since I was around 10.  It is the only weekend of the year that I can ignore (almost) all my responsibilities.

There was an accident today during qualifying where last years winner turned in a fraction of a second too early and ended up with a broken car, leg and wrist.  You can see video of it here:

Sorry – has been removed

More video and details here:


The track and race is phenomenal – it requires such fearlessness from the drivers and centimetre perfect precision for some 161 laps and 1,000km.  When they don’t get it perfect the track can sometimes, as it did today, make them pay dearly.

EVE drama doesn’t come close.

One thought on “Centimetre imperfect

  1. Crap…. crap and damn crap.

    While I am a HUGE fan of the ‘Isle of Man TT’ the most prestigious and oldest motorcycle race in the world, also considered to be the most dangerous motorcycle race in the world… and the ‘King of the Hammers’, a much younger race (started in 07) that combines my love of extreme off road racing and rock crawling.

    In the Hammers you will see dirt bikes, quads, Side by Side or UTVs (Utility Task Vehicle), basically anyone with a four wheel drive vehicle can enter the daily races. In the main event however, are the ‘Ultra4s’ which are capable of speeds over 100 miles per hour for the desert sections, but still contain gear ratios of 100 to 1 or lower for technical rock crawling…

    Other than those 2 I really don’t follow much in the way of Motor Sports, until now that it. After reading your post and the wikipage on the Bathurst 1000 I guess I will have to check it out… Thanx man. =P

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