I’m not sure what to think about this one:


It is in the early days, but CCP is considering allowing people to extract and sell their Skill Points.

The skill points – possibly in blocks of 500K, are collected by a Transneural Skill Extractor and placed into a Transneural Skill Packet.

Both these Transneural items can be traded on the market.

The Extractor will be purchased with AUR.

If a player consumes a Transneural Skill Packet they will get unallocated skill points.  This will be scaled to reduce the benefits for older players.  The initial suggestion was:

. 0 – 5 million skillpoints = 500,000 unallocated skillpoints added
. 5 – 50 million skillpoints = 400,000 unallocated skillpoints added
. 50 – 80 million skillpoints = 200,000 unallocated skillpoints added
. > 80 million skillpoints = 50,000 unallocated skillpoints added

In some / many ways it cheapens the time you spend developing your characters, and seems to be a further step towards pay to win.  Having said that, we already have ISK for PLEX and the Character Bazaar trading, so this just formalises it a little more and makes it more flexible.  It also acts as a SP and ISK sink for higher SP toons.

Interesting CCP…

7 thoughts on “SP ISK Sink

  1. In some ways it’s a good thing. On the plus side, I can see plex being purchased. And more revenue for CCP is a good thing. On the other, it’s getting uncomfortably close to pay to win. If the lotro insta 50 is anything to go by, there won’t be quite the same investment in a character (or learning to use it well)

  2. Darned laptop mouse pad. I was also going to say that it also depends on the engagement model CCP are aiming for. This will certainly allow effective frigate combat without the usual week or two delay. And they need to be competitive in today’s (instant delivery) market.

    • I think you are right about the impact on a players investment in their character. Having said that – there are plenty of people who don’t have that anyway. The character is just the means to an end, which is why they can sell and buy them without thought.

      I’ve been surprised at just how often an aspect of this change has a clear reason for it and a clear reason against.

      I do see it as possibly being profitable for CCP overall – if they can price it right.

      Lets assume someone is earning 2,200 SP an hour. That means a PLEX (1.25B ISK at the moment) of training time generates 1.5M SP a month (790 ISK per SP), which someone has paid for. That means the seller will want more than 1/3 the price of a PLEX to sell each 500K SP (416M ISK). At what pricing point does CCP sell the Transneural Skill Extractor? How much of a cut do they want to transfer the SP? How much of a cut do players want to account for the time it took to generate the SP?

      If CCP charge 1/3 PLEX or 416M ISK, the base price of 500K SP covering costs will be 832M ISK. That would mean instance SP costs at least double the time generated SP. Historically however CCP have often charged far more than you would have thought reasonable. At what point does it just become too expensive for a younger player?

      Add in market manipulators like those who control PLEX prices at the moment, and the fact not everyone will want to sell off their SP, and the end price might mean it isn’t a widely used mechanism anyway.

  3. Well it’s going to be more expensive as buying straight up specialized characters from the bazaar. The good news is you can apply those SP to your own character instead of having to switch to a second-hand character that you don’t identidy with. So I don’t really see it as any more P2W as we already have.

    The dimishing returns will prevent anyone from really benefitting after the first 50m SP.
    The 5m minimum SP required to drain 500k SP from your character prevents the endless recycling of free characters.

    I think it’s a feature that will be used. Now, is the potential for abuse worth the benefits? I believe so.
    What will be the price point for that SP extractor? How much are people willing to pay for 500k SP?

    Can I monetize my 80M SP alt and turn it into a 10M focused alt with a load of cash by selling the SP?
    Will I drain 75M SP for a shitload of isk to give my main 7.5m SP more? (Unlikely)

    The best use I have is trimming my alt to remove all those unwanted skills.

    • Trimming alts – or repurposing their SP is an interesting idea.

      Maybe it is just me, but I feel like draining 500K SP of mining skills, then selling them to a PVP pilot. Even thought they might go into combat skills, I will know where they originally came from…

  4. The more I think about it the more I like it. This gives the benefits currently available only to very rich/experienced characters (the character bazaar) focused to lower skill characters.

    The furious shitposting on reddit is amusing, beautifully parodied here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/3oz450/this_new_thingit_is_bad/
    (sorry, I’m not sure what the formatting tools are in this blog)

    BTW – you linked to the Tranq T3 dev blog instead of the SP trading proposal dev blog.

    • Thanks to the tip regards the link – not sure how I made such an obvious error. Corrected.

      How sadly accurate is that parodied reddit post – although instead of three semesters of Game development at community college, it could have said read four blog posts and a magazine article about game development.

      This change will still help rich old players more than new players – in the sense they can likely afford to quickly set up new focused alts using this mechanism. Newer players won’t likely have the capacity to earn the level of ISK required to buy a notable number of skill points without purchasing PLEX/AUR. Having said that – it would still be much easier for them to do that than the current option to buy a full character.

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