I am not crying

Generally, this blog has an unashamed emphasis on Solo Carebear play. With CCP’s recent and ongoing focus on EVE Null Sec, I am going to be regularly remarking about the lack of impact various Dev blogs will have on how I play the game.

Do not mistake this for melancholy or bitterness. They are just observations. I am not crying; I don’t have an inflated sense of self-importance or entitlement when it comes to EVE.

I will also be remarking on how I am not entirely enamoured with some of their directions and changes. I am ok with that. My overriding feeling is that I am pleased CCP has the fortitude to continually try and improve their game. Making a mistake with the best of intention is better for the game than stagnating impotence.

10 thoughts on “I am not crying

  1. I did note on Sugar’s last post that the roadmap for PvE is very much subject to change, and iirc not really going to kick off until 2016. Procedural based missions/sites will take longer, though at least they’re being considered. In other words, we have to wait a bit longer for content more aimed our way…

  2. My dad always said,
    “Carefully consider your situation and then “DO” something…
    even if you fear it might be the wrong thing… ’cause I can guarantee you,
    doing nothing is ALWAYS the wrong thing.”

    Better to go down swinging than sittin’ there wishing things would just get better.

    (I attribute a LOT of stuff I deeply believe in to me dad…) =]

    • My Dad’s actions – both good and bad, have strongly influenced the person I have become today. Interestingly – and I’ve never considered it until just now – his words haven’t. He has never been much for wisdom – and his advice tended to be tainted with his own issues. I often had to accept the context of where it was coming from, and do my best not to let it annoy me. I know never to discuss politics with him…

    • 🙂 No.

      It was a post that has been sitting in my draft folder for about four weeks now. I realised I was self-censoring some of my views so that I did not inadvertently add fuel to any negative vibe around the game. (A vibe that thankfully seems to have lifted a little.)

      This post was as much to myself than anyone else. A polite reminder to be truer to myself, and of course it gives me something to link to if someone misinterprets where I am coming from.

  3. Read that PVE roundtable carefully. It is a blueprint that the null sec cartel RMT machines could not have designed any better if they had designed it themselves (or maybe they did) if the intent was to hammer high sec and wh income.

  4. I’m pretty disillusioned after Eve Vegas. PVE has taken a back seat to the null sec changes for more than a year now. Looking at the road map that ended with large player-buildable structures and gates connecting to new regions of space, there was no mention of PVE or high sec. A year on now and we have new burner missions. Drifter content was introduced with lots of hype, then pulled, and will be re-introduced. But I get the sinking suspicion that the drifter content will continue to be one of those ‘good idea at the time’ sort of things that will be left unfinished.

    The PVE round table at Vegas was an after thought. CCP gave a general outline of how they want to proceed, but provided no concrete details or firm schedules. When I heard that the time-frame would be 1-2 years, I couldn’t help but to think “never”.

    Anyway, there isn’t any point in paying for a subscription to shoot at little red cros…erm triangles over and over and over again until CCP figures out what they want to achieve in Hi Sec. So ya, -1 until after dt.

  5. Having read some of the responses, I cannot help but wonder if things ultimately boil down to this: null sec (by sov/jump/citadel/capital changes) is being shaken to the core. They are ground and potentially game breaking changes. PvE changes, despite PvE being the (nearly) necessary default for the casual player, won’t be.

    To change PvE will not break the game. To change PvE, apart from the variance as an isk faucet, will not irredeemably alter EvE across its entirety. It is important. There is no doubt about it. But in a race for necessary resource, null sec is where CCP needs to focus the majority of its effort right now.

    I am a casual player. I’m one with a voice and some fairly strong opinions. All of that said, and with bittervettedness well and truly acknowledged, I am also one who is prepared to wait.

    • I get the impression we will get PVE bits and bobs thrown our way, but we will have to be patient for big changes.

      Having said that, I think the old Empire Carebears like me also need to remember our game will be impacted by other changes. I think people are forgetting the Citadels will also hit Hi-Sec – both the building of them and placement. They will require a lot of industry related work, and will be replacing POS after all, That sort of thing could keep a lot of players buy for a long period of time.

      In fact – there will likely be plenty of opportunities for us to find our own fun in coming updates. We just need to read the release notes with an open mind, and search for anything we might find amusement in. Even if it is just repurposing a new hull to try in PvE situations.

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