Throwing down the Gauntlet

I’ve had a couple multi-regional sessions searching for Blood Raider Gauntlet sites, both with 40+ Hi-Sec jumps, and both only resulting in a few sites found. I’ve had more luck just finding them in my home system when I happen to undock.

Almost every site I’ve run has ended up being contested, which is not really the way I like to do PVE. The Zealot I set up a week ago however has worked out well. It has no problem tanking, no problem quickly taking down the rats, and so far, no problem beating the drone boats (mainly Gila and Ishtar) to the Blood Battlecruiser kill for the loot. Lasers for the win.

While it has been running the normal sites haven’t been hammered as much, so I’ve been able to run more of those than usual.

I expect CCP’s statistics should show this PVE event has been a success.

I’ll get back to the Caldari Epic Arc once the event wraps up.

Meanwhile I plonked an Alt down into another low sec area, to make bookmarks and flag the local pirates as negative contacts. On and off I’ve tried finding some quiet low-sec backwater where I can do a little mining or run sites for something different. I’ve only spent a few hours there but I suspect it will be too busy. In fact – Low-Sec as a whole has been much busier over the last year or so. I only need a semi reliable 10 minutes here and there of peace to get something done, but that doesn’t look promising.

I’ve even done some half AFK mining this week.


I continue to keep myself amused.

4 thoughts on “Throwing down the Gauntlet

  1. Hi mate. I know of a nullsec pocket that is rather quiet if you are interested. Send me an in game eve mail and I can link it for you.

    • It is getting to the point where I might have to consider looking for a quiet null sec area. The main issue I have however with Null Sec is getting to it. With most Low Sec areas I have multiple entrance points. Null sec tends to have more bottlenecks that are more easily camped.

  2. I have been having some fun making long trips focusing on .5 space where possible looking for Gauntlets… So far I am 50/50 on warping to a contested site, and of those I am 50/50 on getting the BC kill with my Ishtar… the Gecko/2Hammer/2xHobgob mix seems to do quite well.

    Yet I have only had 2 booster drops for 3 boosters the whole time. Drank one immediately, sold one for 50m and saved one for posterity. However I do have a rather impressive collection of BR SKINS… LOL.

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