More Parallax than expected

I wrote this earlier, but am a bit late posting as I put it aside to play a long session today.

The EVE Patch notes for the Parallax released have been available for a little while.

A few things stood out.

There’s an option to turn off camera bobbing – which is the “gentle animation” that occurs when you leave the camera view idle. I’ve been looking at this bobbing a lot the last couple days as I continue my Low-Sec bookmarking. The feature is for people who do video captures of the game. I’m going to turn it off for a short while to see – if as I suspect, it makes the game seem less dynamic and more flat.  (The camera shake during warp however seems to make the game a little too vigorous, so I leave that one off.)

Of interest they are applying stacking penalties with modules for the targeting speed bonus from the Leadership skill, the agility bonus from the Skirmish Warfare skill, and targeting range bonus from the Information Warfare skill. That can impact me a little when I fleet with my main alt. I will have to keep this in mind until EVEMon has been updated with what should be the new figures.

You will be able to scoop from space to the fleet hangar – which makes my Deep Space Transports more useful.

And there is this – “A character with a criminal flag in a high-sec system is no longer able to board/switch ships whilst in space.” Unless I am missing something, that seems like a nerf to ganking. While I have no problem with ganking existing in the game, I didn’t particularly like that players could in effect circumvent the 15 minute criminal flag.  I also didn’t like how gankers could make the process cheaper for themselves by – with the help of a bumping ship like a Machariel, attack the same target multiple times with cheap destroyers, instead of having to step up to a Battlecruiser gang to one-shot targets with more EHP.  I expect this will increase the animosity between the “Hi-Sec is too safe” and the “Hi-Sec is too dangerous” brigades.  I best keep clear of the forums.

Some of the Brain in a Box and Dogma changes will hit tranquility. This is CCP’s big rewrite of one of the core systems of EVE which should see some performance improvements. I can also see there being bugs, so I might just fly cheaper ships for a while after the patch goes in.

Crystal damage tooltip will now be shown as a percentage, which is nice.

The new probe and directional scanning interface will be available – it will be in beta but will default as on. I’ll have to spend some time with that. I’m particularly interested in the standalone solar system view. The current map just doesn’t really work for me as well as the old probe window, so I am hopefully this is an improvement.

Last of all I have installed the new EVE Launcher (Beta). It worked ok. On the plus side it is notably easier to manage multiple accounts. You can also resize it – which is lucky as some of the screen elements overlay each other awkwardly if the window is too small. I’m also not sure about the profile settings. I imported them ok from the old launcher, but you don’t seem to be able to edit them. I guess that functionality isn’t available yet, or maybe everything is available within the ESC menu.  I would really like to be able to have the client for each account open to a different location on my desktop – that would be nice.


Small – with adds behind notices


Larger (after clicking) with screen elements spaced better


One thought on “More Parallax than expected

  1. Just another useless patch that introduces more broken mechanics.

    Camera bobbing = useless. Unless you want to record a planet with deep meditation music.
    Stacking penalties for range = terrible if you want to do PVE. Especially in wormholes where sleepers spawn up to 150km in every direction.
    Scoop to fleet hanger = useless. This is a feature that 1% of players would use in 1% of their game time.
    Criminals switch ships = not again. They always turn this feature on and off throughout history to call the game dynamic. This will not deter gankers at all. You take 3 catalysts worth 5 mil and with a guarantee you can kill a barge or something that’s worth 200mil (+cargo if lucky). This completely uneven game mechanic, just like the bounty system has and always will be flawed.
    Crystal damage tooltip = useless. Really? You find it a game improvement to let it show damage in percentage? be serious…
    D/probe scan = horrific. Its a lot more effort to use and is broken. Just look through the forums at the thousands of complaints.
    The beta launcher = useless. The history about not being able to login since this feature came out…incredible.

    Here’s my favourite one: ship skins. Who the fuck zooms in to a ship so close during gaming to look at the skin. That’s like me buying 100mil shoes from the nex store and say…hey click my bio and look at my dress. Really? What a sham this feature. But if some toons get a hard on looking at murals, then instead of selling skins for more revenue, give the players a paint brush and let them paint their god damn hard earned ships themselves, you money greedy CCP people.

    There are so many broken mechanics and non functioning things in this game. So many bots, gankers, low life scammers, RMT’s, closed (aka we don’t care) petitions and booting from the game without explanation…its unbelievable. Yet still people think that this patch is the bees knees instead of fixing other (more important) things first. What a sad game this has become.

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