Best or worst of EVE

Manfred Sideous has been removed from CSM X by CCP


CCP suggests the reasons shall remain confidential, although as one player remarked, “not if reddit has anything to say about it..”

In true EVE style, Manfred Sideous helped defuse the situation.

Sorry, did I say defuse?

The current bets are issues around non-disclosure breaches, but I personally have absolutely no idea.

I’m not sure if this sort of thing is an example of the best of EVE or its worst.  Drama and intrigue or deceitfulness and ineptitude?

3 thoughts on “Best or worst of EVE

  1. Prosper EvE picked up some market peculiarities. The boys at cap stable made mention and have connected some dots. I’m not saying it is or isn’t, but as the CS boys pointed out – if it was visible in the market, then either too many people knew about it, or it was done in far too an unsubtle manner. Suggest looking here for a start.

    • I don’t listen to Pod Casts generally, but I followed your link. The aspersions they flagged – before this announcement from CCP, were interesting. Thanks for highlighting.

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