I finished bookmarking the Null Sec constellation I am basing out of, and started to make use of some of its resources, primarily (given the ships I have available) running Data and Relic sites


The Null Sec mini game requires a bit more concentration

The vibe of the place remains good. There are three main groups I’ve observed, none with strong PVP stats. I haven’t noticed any hunting for me yet, although from their Killboard histories they would take an easy kill if I offered one up to them. I don’t plan to “shit in my own backyard”, so to speak – so at this point any aggression from me will only be retaliatory.

I’ve seen a handful of traditional pirates checking the area over, but not many. I’ve also seen various enemies of the CFC / Imperium active in one of the pipes, and a few different pilots moving capitals through. Overall however it looks promising as being the quiet little corner of unsafe EVE I’ve been looking for.

I have been surprised at the number of Interceptors flying around. It means I am more likely going to get caught on a gate at some point or another, but it also means I’ll more likely be able to fend one of those off.

It may sound dumb – but I did find an issue with how I had set up the various windows on my EVE client. The Overview was on the far right side of the window, and the local chat channel on the far left. Running at 3000×1800, I found watch the overview closely meant I wasn’t seeing changes to local out of the corner of my eye.  That is dangerous in Null.  I’ve experimented with moving all the windows to the same side of my client. I’ll see how that works in practice.



Yet another change to my client layout

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